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21 Houses You Won’t Believe Exist

This post will be telling you about the houses which you won’t believe they exist.

For the love of shoes


It was built in 1948 by Matlin Haynes. The shoe house was a great display of the owner’s flamboyant personality. He used it as an extra way to advertise his shoe shops. He never stayed in the shoe that was very generous by having 38 elderly couples stay in the shoe each year.

Bring out the bubbly


This jaw-dropping home is the bubble house designed by renowned architect antelope egg and was owned by Pierre Cardin. Many legendary and mind-blowing parties were hosted at this funky home. The house is just outside of car built in the 80s and is almost 13,000 feet. The house has 28 round rooms and even the beds are round.

Home is where the art is


You would be the most popular kid in school if you lived in this house designed by Mexican architect. It’s the home of a family with two young children. The Nautilus house the shell-shaped house is described as bio-architecture.

The Shell House


It is like that you have shells in pocket and sand in your shoes. This
remarkable home is the conch shell house in Mexico and is cast as the most
beautiful home on Isla Medeiros designed by one of Mexico’s most well-known artists. This home offers the residents a 180-degree view of the Caribbean ocean.

Upside Down


What may look like someone’s idea of a fun project the upside-down house in some back Poland has a very symbolic meaning, it symbolizes the fall of communism in Poland and how everything turned upside down. It took 114 days to build.

Off The Grid


Imagine your hubby came home one day and said babe I think I want to dig a massive hole into a hillside so we could all live happily ever after. In fact while Simon Dale was digging and constructing his wife and two toddler children camped in the countryside nearby Simon did everything himself with no experience at all and it costs just 3,000 pounds. It took four months to complete the project.

The Stone House


It is built in 1974. The house of stone is based in Portugal according to reports the house has no electricity and the homeowners use candlelight. The house has a massive fireplace and pretty sure they need that in wintertime a swimming pool carved into the stone.

Naked Home


You could say this house was totally naked Japanese architect. It is designed something to this 914 square foot apartment. The apartment is associated with living in a tree like a tree has many different branches creating different levels so does the transparent house also known as house. No word on how the bathing, dress makes, love in this transparent house.

Narrowest House


This apartment is only 48 inches wide it’s the world’s narrowest house based in Warsaw Poland. It’s called the carrot house and was designed by an architect in Poland the tiny structure will serve as a base for traveling writers.

Skateboard House


A skateboard house is a vision up here and rate cine Segura’s a pro skater and former world champ. You can skate on any surface or any area of the house.

Snail’s Pace


Snail house built in 2008. It’s been built with environmentally friendly materials and not one single brick has been used in the process it has no straight walls no edges and no corners and no occupants. It’s become a bit of a tourist attraction in Bulgaria.

Airplane Home


This plane was bought by a lady. It was around $2000 and she spent $24000 more to renovate it. You use a garage remote to open the stairs, sounds odd. There is a bathroom on the plane in perfect working condition.

Car House


It was designed by  Markus Voglreiter. He built this house for his wife and children. He says it wasn’t the easiest job to complete but in the end, he got it right. Life is too short to buy boring cars and live in boring houses.

The Musical House


Life is a song just when you thought you couldn’t be surprised again. Here’s the most incredibly beautiful dwelling located in China. It’s shaped like a
grand piano and a violin and was built in 2007. Violin has an escalator inside which gives you access to the building.

Tunnel Home


Havel and Dean rock artists from Texas must have had a grand time smashing in these homes. Then took the wood and place the wood at very odd angles to create this tunnel like a vortex effect.

ET is Home


It is home it’s not a spaceship. It is a bioclimatic solo house found in France. it’s three-dimensional, so keep cold during summer and warm in winters.

The Mushroom House


It was designed by Terry Brown you have to give him credit for his imagination. It’s found in Ohio and he wanted the building to look like it was part of nature. So he used many bits and bobs from their natural environment. Building began in 1992 and took around 14 to 15 years to complete with the help of his students. It looks more like a haunted house from a fair.

The Crazy House


Something out of a fairy tale I see this house in a movie like Tinker Bell or something of a similar vein. It’s called the crazy house and it’s actually a guest house based in Vietnam. It’s listed on many travel websites and travel guidebooks as one of the most bizarre buildings in the world.

Looks can be deceiving


This home looks pretty boring from the outside but waits till you get inside it’s any child’s dream come true. It’s a three-story home designed by Japanese studio level architects. A slide connects all three levels it also features a room where the air is pulled through the floor.

No Neighbors


It was built in 1968. Group of men came together and between them decided the ideal spot to build a home would be on a rock on a river yes they did. It was this is probably the most isolated house ever.

Pineapple house


This pineapple is on dry land pineapples with such exotic fruits during the 18th century. This very wealthy homeowner had to show off his wealth by creating a pineapple on his house.