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15 Most Expensive Homes In The World

These homes redefine the meaning of luxury with amenities fit for royalty and price tags that restrict these homes to individuals with well over a billion dollars.

We are counting down the top 15 most expensive  homes in the world

The Manor.


This massive household the title as both the largest and most expensive home in Los Angeles County. the property was originally owned by crooner Bing Crosby but producer Aaron Spelling had the house razed to the ground when he bought it in 1988. You may not recognize spelling by name but he is the single most prolific producer in television history his past shows include Charlie’s Angels Love Boat dynasty Beverly Hills and Seventh Heaven. At the time of his passing spelling had an estimated net worth of well over 600 million dollars. Although he was extremely shy in real life Spelling decided to build the most ostentatious house LA had ever seen. The 123 room behemoth included a screening room gym bowling alley three rooms for wrapping presents for a two-car garages tennis court and several pools. The parking lot accommodates 100 vehicles. There are also sixteen carports the house was very controversial among neighbors. It is even the most impressive mansions for miles around. After spelling died in 2003 the house was sold to socialite petra stunt who was only 23 at the time. the list price was 150 million dollars by far the highest in LA history.

Bel Air Spec Manor


Beyond its size and location, this home has some of the most amazing amenities on our countdown. It took real estate legend Bruce Mackowski and a team of 300 more than four years to renovate this property which went on the market in 2017 for a phenomenal 250 million dollars. Mackowski said that he was inspired after spending time on mega yachts whose price tags ranged from 200 to 300 million dollars. Mackowski designed the house specifically for a new class of billionaire and included such luxuries as 30 million dollars worth of luxury cars a priceless art collection a four-lane bowling alley custom-built glass pool tables foosball tables and ping pong tables a candy wall and the largest residential television in the world which is 30 feet wide.

Fair Field Pond


This Hamptons estate actually includes four different houses for a total of 110,000 square feet. The main house alone has twenty-nine bedrooms thirty-nine bathrooms a basketball court movie theater and bowling alley. In addition to three swimming pools and miles of private shoreline, there is a hot tub valued at more than $150,000. The property taxes alone are $650,000 every year. More than enough to buy an incredible home somewhere else. The house is owned by junk bonds billionaire IRA Rennert he bought the home for a comparatively meager 100 million dollars.the house is currently valued at 250 million dollars.

The Pinnacle


This Montana mansion has ten bedrooms and is located directly beneath a ski resort called rampage mountain. The owners don’t need to worry about getting cold in the winter though. In addition to a wine cellar massage room and gym, the house has heated floors and a fireplace in every single bathroom. It is currently valued at 155 million dollars.

Updown Court


Updown Court is an incredible California style mansion located in Windlesham England. It has some of the most amazing features of any privately owned home in the world. For example, it has an astonishing 103 rooms 24 bedrooms fully automated two-lane bowling alley 5 swimming pools including an infinity pool a squash court a floodlit tennis court a wine cellar with the capacity for 3,000 bottles and a panic room. The property was last sold for 139 million dollars.

The Playboy Mansion


The Playboy Mansion is an opulent twelfth bedroom home in Beverly Hills. The 21,000 square foot mansion is less famous for its amenities than it is for its notoriously hedonistic lifestyle of its inhabitants. The house was built in 1927 and had several owners before playboy acquired it in 1971 for a modest $1,000,000. The Playboy Mansion is, of course, most closely associated with the late founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner. But in reality, Hefner paid rent to the Playboy Enterprises. The home was sold for 100 million dollars soon after Hefner’s death.

Dracula’s Castle


The castle is located in the town of Bram deep in the Transylvanian region of Romania. However the name is a bit of a misnomer Vlad the Impaler a 15th century Prince known for his proclivity for torture and cruelty was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s 1897 Dracula. The castle was first constructed in 1212 in was home to many different dynasties including Mongols Ottomans and Magyars. Since 2009 the castle has belonged to Archduke Dominik von Habsburg part of the Austrian royal family though the property is valued at a whopping 135 million dollars.

Kensington Palace


Kensington Palace is the highlight of London’s billionaires row. the street is one of the most expensive residential ZIP codes in the world and Kensington is by far the most impressive the property is valued at more than 140 million dollars and was last purchased by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich Feli has many business ventures. He’s probably best known as the owner of Chelsea the British Football Club. Despite its current ownership Kensington Palace is most closely associated with the British royal family. It was first the residence of Queen Mary the second in the 1600s. Over time it served both as a full-time residence and a seasonal home to numerous monarchs.

Great Island Connecticut


Only a 30-minute drive from Manhattan this slice of Connecticut coast has been a magnet for New York City socialites from more than 200 years. this particular the house was built in 1905 and boasts nine bedrooms 15-foot ceilings 7 fireplaces views of the Long Island Sound from almost every room in the house. In addition to a private beach and yacht basin. the 63-acre island is connected to the mainland by a narrow bridge but once you’re on the property you’ll have total privacy. Its list prices in astonishing 175 million dollars. If it found a buyer it would be the most expensive home sale in United States history.

Hearst Castle


This Spanish Revival style home is without a doubt one of the most majestic properties in the world. It was built in San Simeon California in 1919 by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. When he started his career he only owned a couple of tabloids but now Hearst communications owns hundreds of publications including cosmopolitan and Esquire and networks like ane and ESPN. The house value is 191 million dollars.

The Penthouse


This property is easily one of the most impressive in the world but unlike the other houses in our countdown the penthouse is a two hundred million dollar Apartment located in Hyde Park in London. this flat manages to justify its jaw-dropping price tag to begin with it has two storeys with floor-to-ceiling windows its own parking lot and access to a host of spas and squash courts. on top of that it has a tunnel leading directly to TV chef Heston Blumenthal zone Lee London restaurant. despite being one of the most celebrated chefs in the UK Blumenthal and his staff are on call for room service 24/7.

Cap Ferrat Mansion


This mansion complex is located in the super exclusive city in the French Riviera known as st. John kaffarah. Each of the three houses on the lot is valued at about 70 million euros. making this one of the most valuable properties in the world at an estimated 410 million dollars. Two of the three houses are intended as guest houses but even they include nine bedrooms a private Terrace and a swimming pool.

Villa Leopolda

EPHRUSSI Juillet 2005

Despite cap Faraz amazing amenities it is not the highlight of the French Riviera via leopolda sits in. the luxurious vacation district of villa french sumaré not only is this Pella a Park era mansion larger it sits on 18 acres of land but it is also rich with history. it was built in 1929 for Belgian King Leopold ii at his death. it was passed down to the next Belgian King until he was ousted during World War Two in the house was used as a military hospital. after many attempts at swaying its former owners Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov was able to buy the house in 2008 for a whopping 370 million dollars.



This is both the most expensive and the tallest residential home in the world. the 27 storey house has 600 full-time staff and is valued well over 1 billion dollars. shockingly the house is only intended for Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani and his family of five with all the additional space meant to accommodate luxuries for their enjoyment. it is also placed in one of the poorest slums in Mumbai. stoking controversy over its cost and wastefulness while Indian citizens starve mere feet away. there are three helipads on the roof an entire floor dedicated to servicing Ambani’s many cars. a Health floor with a Jacuzzi indoor pool and ice room for the family to experience snow indoors. in addition to six separate floors just for parking. among many other indulgences the house has four dedicated rooms for hanging gardens. where residents can go to relax though the house is viewed as cruel and offensive by many it is certainly an impressive property.

Buckingham Palace


Though it is also used for many political and administrative purposes buckingham palace is by far the most valuable home in the world. valued at one point five five billion dollars. of course the palace is home to England’s royal family and was first constructed by the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. since then it has been refurbished and remodeled dozens of times. but still maintains its classic appearance.