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You Can Escape Your Opiate Addiction With The Right Assistance

Opiates are used for pain management but their misuse can lead to an addiction problem. In fact recent statistics show that nations around the world, including the U.S are experiencing an opioid crisis.

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Opiate addictions are sometimes deliberate in cases where patients get addicted to the use of illegal substances like heroin while in other cases, patients become addicted from the use of painkillers prescribed by their medical doctors.

For anyone who is looking to break free from their addiction, the withdrawal process is simply inescapable.

The withdrawal from opiate addiction is the first step in the right direction and it is not something you can bypass although it can be uncomfortable.

In this article we will prepare you ahead for the withdrawal process by discussing what you can expect and how to get through this phase easily.

Opiate addiction withdrawal process

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Withdrawal from opiate addiction is the same as detoxing. The earliest period after your use of opiates may cause you to experience different withdrawal symptoms.

There is no fixed timeframe for how long withdrawal symptoms can last depending on the severity of your addiction and your health condition, withdrawal symptoms may last for up to 6 months or as early as 2 weeks or less.

These withdrawal symptoms become increasingly unbearable as you progress in your abstinence from opiate use. The later stages withdrawal symptoms are severest than the first 24 hours.

In the first 24-30 hours of abstinence, you may experience anxiety or irritability, muscle pain, body aches, tiredness, trouble sleeping, sweating and in the later stages these symptoms become more pronounced. You may also develop new symptoms like

Stomach ache, feel nauseous or diarrhea amongst others.

How to overcome your opiate addiction

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Overcoming addiction can seem very difficult but with the right treatment program you will do just fine.

  • Professional assistance: There are instances where some may adopt the detox at-home strategy, but it is highly recommended that you detox at a detox centre because the withdrawal process can be dangerous sometimes. Having health professionals monitor you will ensure your safety. At a detox facility, the professionals will develop a customized treatment program that can help you overcome this problem while experiencing the least possible pain.
  • Have a support system: The process of going through withdrawal will test your will, an emotional support system will keep you motivated to see this to its end.You can confide in your friends and family when you are ready to detox yourself. If you detox at a detox facility, your treatment program should include joining a support group so you are not alone even if you don’t have people to check on you.
  • Talk to your medical doctor: Inform your Doctor on your desire to proceed on an opiate withdrawal journey. He will be able to advise you how you can achieve a breakthrough with your health history in perspective.