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Transform Your Home with Modern Luxury Interior Design In Gurgaon

Who doesn’t like to relax at their home after a long tiring day? I suppose everyone, but you might feel more tired after seeing bland interiors at your home. Now, here luxury interior design comes into place. The simple fact is to convert a dull home into a well-decorated room that simply increases the beauty of the room. This is only possible with the help of professional interior designers. The interior space improves the quality of life that people live in. So, it may be a good idea to take help from the experts having experience in this field.

A qualified interior designer can make your small room look spacious and a cluttered room into a spacious one and they will make sure that the interior of your home goes hand in hand with your personality. There is a myth that home furnishing is an expensive affair and people fail to notice that they are also able to create a budget for you. There are various professional interior designers in Gurgaon that are able to design your home at affordable prices and present a beautiful home for you to reside in. There are lots of factors while completing an interior designing of your home and some of them are mentioned below.

Factors that interior designers will keep in mind while transforming your home

interior designers will keep in mind while transforming your home

  • Colour is important while interior designing

Choosing a colour can be a difficult decision while designing your home but don’t worry as there are plenty of colour options to choose from. According to interior designers, darker colours will make a room smaller and light colours will make them look larger. Some colours can lead to sleeping problems but some colours can be pleasing on the eye.

  • Rearrange existing materials

Interior designer’s main aim is to reuse what you already have, this will also help in reducing the budget. By using this technique, you will save a lot of time and make your space personal. Let’s take an example, arranging books in a manner that will consume less space than your bookshelf and that is one of the top priority of the interior designer.

  • Lightning is key

Most interior designers will go with the standard light fixtures which they have used over and over again. However, going with designers light fixtures will add elegance to your home than the standard and boring lights.

  • Furniture can make or break the entire look

Many people have the misconception that investing in expensive furniture is not ideal and they can get the same look by using cheap furniture. Try considering elevating your home with dazzling woodwork, for this interior designer will guide you better on how to use furniture that makes your home modernistic.

  • Use wallpaper on your bookcase

Interior designers know very well about the use of wallpapers in your home to give it an elegant yet funky look. Bookcases are an ideal place, to begin with, because there won’t be a need to use a large wallpaper and not only bookcases there are several other places where you can try the wallpaper.

So, these were the major factors that interior designers keep in mind while redefining your home based on the latest designs and now, let’s see the process of interior design step by step.

Let’s check out the process of interior design:

Step 1: Consultation

Every project starts with a meeting with the client over a call or in person. After the discussion, there would be an in-home/on-site consultation to gather details about the project, will assess your needs, and determine the project’s budget, scope and timing. During the consultation process, the designer will give important information, ideas for your design project, resources and will clear all your doubts regarding the process. This is the stage where there would be a refinement in terms of your needs and details. Another reason to hire professional companies for interior designing because they will show you colours, ideas, design options and furnishings which you won’t be able to imagine on your own. The companies will bring beauty and grace to your home which designing firms are able to bring out from inside of you.

Step 2: The work

The work
During this step, you will be shown various design ideas, there will be discussions and after the design will be finalized. The sets will be assembled in the design tray or arrange them in boxes. The sole purpose is to have the client experience the colours, shapes, textures, weights. For clients who want help with the visualizing process, the companies can create computerized 3D rendering. During the presentation, the client gets a proper idea, interior companies are ears and they listen and watch, weighing every detail and the impact on its next.

They also keep an eye on how many decisions you will make in one meeting. The interior designers may also contact you for further details like additional improvements, etc. The meeting can take several days, but you should wait for a matching layout. When you are satisfied with the layout you can ask for an estimate to implement the design. The primary estimates are created with multiple data and are expected to vary according to the modifications.

In the below-mentioned image, you can see the modification of the kitchen, the whole look is changed according to the client i.e. the kitchen should be spacious. Before the interior design, the kitchen was dull and there was no vibrant feel to it and after the interior design, the kitchen feels completely new with lots of space and less clutter. This is the perfect example of interior designing done right.

Step 3: The Waiting Period

The waiting process can feel slow in comparison to the above steps. You should keep in mind that high-end products take time to make and deliver. It takes time to custom make or also hand-make your items. You can also expect the timelines to be estimates but it won’t get delayed for long. In an ideal scenario, a single room might take around 3-4 months to design and execute. If you are looking for a luxury interior design for a full house, expect it to be a lengthy process. It’s not because there are many rooms to deal with, but in design, the companies have to check how a certain design will impact the next. As a client, you should trust the companies completely to do their jobs.

Step 4: The Installation

The companies make sure that installation is an important step and they will make sure that everything has arrived and staged at the warehouse. Getting everything moved-in and placed will take around 24 hours to 2 weeks which depends on the complexity of the project. They clients to be in a new home so that they can experience a transformation. As with any of the projects, the companies take the utmost importance of the clients and make sure that the project installation is done within a stipulated time.
The Installation
The whole process would be effortless for the client. The clients are usually excited by the change, you will take some time to get adjusted to the new design. This new environment is worth the wait, the result you see is more than a decoration. In the image given below, you can check out what a project looks like when it’s completed. You can easily see the ‘luxury’ in the bedroom given below, the lightning is proper in the room and there is plenty of space present to move around freely.


There are plenty of renovations to your home that you can do. If you want to get a proper feel to your home then hiring a professional interior designer is the only solution and interior designers can help you achieve your dream design without any problem.