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Tips to Clean Home After Renovation

Your renovation project isn’t complete after you pound in the final nail. The end of construction means it’s time for cleaning, and just wiping down the dusty countertops won’t cut it.

Construction dust isn’t only unsightly, it can also be dangerous to ignore. Dusty spaces can irritate your lungs, especially when they contain harmful chemicals or particles from building materials. The best way to keep yourself and others healthy is to thoroughly clean every surface in the construction area.

If you’re wondering how to clean construction dust in your home or business, keep reading for a quick guide to renovation cleanup.

Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations
Cleaning kicks up dirt and debris that can irritate your eyes, lungs, and skin. For your safety, make sure to wear eye protection and a dust mask or respirator, especially when you’re dusting off high areas. If you can, run a HEPA filter at all times and open the windows for air circulation.

Start From the Top

Any experienced cleaner will tell you that working from the top of your space downward is the most efficient method. If you wait to clean the areas near the ceiling last, you’ll end up knocking dust back onto your already cleaned surfaces.

As such, the first step of construction cleanup is to take on the ceiling, high air vents, fan blades, and the tops of any cabinets or shelves. You may be able to do this on a ladder, but the easiest way is to use soft dusting tools with extender handles.

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

The next step in post-remodel cleaning is to carefully wipe down all hard surfaces, once again working from the top down. This includes walls, appliances, cabinets, and shelves. Don’t forget to clean the inside of drawers and cabinets too.

Use a damp microfiber cloth and a non-toxic cleaning solution to trap dust. When cleaning wood, be sure to avoid water-based cleaners that can damage the finish.

If any soft surfaces were left in place during the remodel, vacuum them thoroughly and give them a good steam cleaning if possible.

Save the Floors for Last

Save the Floors for Last
After the rest of the renovation cleaning is done, it’s time to tackle the floors. Start by vacuuming up any visible dust, dirt, or debris with a shop vac.

This Is How to Clean Construction Dust After a Renovation

It is important to properly clean after a renovation project. You can click here to learn more about how to clean construction dust.

If you have hard flooring, use a wet mop to scrub off any stubborn dust that the vacuum didn’t pick up. Carpeting should be cleaned with a professional-grade steamer to get rid of trapped allergens and irritants.

Hire an Experienced Cleaning Service

Sometimes the after-construction cleanup is too much for you to handle on your own. If that’s the case, your best option is to hire a team of professional cleaners.

Pristine Cleaning Services recommends choosing a business with construction cleaning experience whose techs are licensed, bonded, and insured. Professional cleaners can tackle everything from carpet care to cleaning fan blades near the ceiling, so you’re sure to have a spotless room after they’re done.

Follow These Tips for How to Clean Construction Dust

Follow These Tips for How to Clean Construction Dust
Don’t let your space stay dirty after a renovation project. Give these tips on how to clean construction dust a try—not only will your home or business look nicer, but your lungs will also thank you for it.

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