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Things to Keep in Mind when Having Carpet Cleaning Done

A good carpet cleaner aims to remove dirt and soil from the carpet, hiring a cleaning agent doesn’t mean your job is done, once the hiring process is done, ask the company about the do’s and don’ts while having the cleaning done because every company has a different approach to work. There are some things you have to prepare for prior professional Carpet Cleaning Flint MI.

List of things to keep in mind while having carpet cleaning done:


Professional carpet cleaners use heavy hoses and cords. It is important to remove all the stuff because even a single pair of boots can cause tripping hazards. Be sure to remove everything before the cleaning technicians arrive. All the kid’s stuff like toys footwears, dog bones, and socks. Many carpets don’t require pre-vacuum cleaning, but it is appreciable if you remove the upper layer of dust and hair, so as to allow professionals to deep clean your carpet.

Remove Furniture.

Keep in mind to move your furniture because carpet cleaning companies Flint MI are not licensed to do that, or some companies charge extra for these services. Before their arrival, be sure to remove the coffee table, chairs, floor lamps. It becomes difficult for cleaning technicians to clean around the furniture. Be mindful of moving light furniture to the garage.

Safeguard your walls

Safeguard your walls
Carpet cleaners use cords and hoses to clean the carpets, these cords and horses create fiction with the wall and it causes the occurrence of black marks and cracks in the wall. Protect your walls by applying high-quality painter’s tape where the probability of rubbing cords is high, areas like a staircase base. Painters tape does not leave any mark on the wall, it is easily removable.


Pets like dogs, cats, birds get frightened by the noise of the cleaning equipment such as truck-mounted cleaning is noisy and frightening, keep your doors open for the situation when they began to spook, they can escape.

Be mindful of your valuable things

Be mindful of your valuable things
Inviting strangers in the house is not safe, don’t give them any chance to rob you, keep your valuable things in a locker. Most of the reputable company staff are honest but obviously you don’t want to take any chance. Remove the breakable knickknacks if they are kept out on the shelves.

Vacuum the carpet

Vacuuming the carpet removes the dirt and debris from the upper layer of the carpet, so as to deep clean the carpet and removes soil and dirt off the carpet. Yes, no matter how professional Carpet Cleaning Flint you hire but there are some things you need to take care of. Call up the company and ask whether there is a need for pre-vacuuming or not.

Specify areas of concern

Specify areas of concern
Scrutinize each corner of your house carefully and check the areas needing professional cleaning. Notify the company’s technicians about the affected areas so that it becomes feasible for him to track the problem areas.

Vacant a parking spot

Many cleaning agents use heavy instruments such as truck-mounted equipment, they need to park their vehicles as close to the main door, ensure that your family car parking does not become a hurdle for the company.

Be patient when the carpet wet

Drying time in any carpet cleaning process is the most critical time, be patient when the carpet is wet, try not to walk the cleaned area. Keep your kids and pets away from the carpet, and if in any emergency cases you need to cross the carpet to get on another side of the house, then wear white socks.

Keep your carpet away from harsh chemicals

Check with your carpet cleaning company if they use harsh chemicals because harsh chemicals can deep clean your carpet but after a few days it causes the crack in your carpets, these harmful chemicals have the power to destroy your carpets completely.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Usually cleaning agents use steam cleaning or a truck-mounted cleaning but it is important to discuss your requirements with your company of Carpet Cleaning in Flint MI and ask for cleaning suggestions. Scrutinize in detail about all the methods and pick the one best suitable for you. Some carpet cleaning methods include:
Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot water extraction cleaning

Hot water cleaning is commonly known as steam cleaning. A high pressured hot water is used in this process followed by agitating the carpet fiber to removing the dust.

The steam cleaning process involves the practice of cleaning agents to agitate the soiled area of carpet and then rinsing it off, the final step is to keep the carpet in an air-conditioned room to let it dry.

Bonnet cleaning

The bonnet cleaning process involves cleaning the top layer of the carpet with heavy equipment with a spinning pad to absorb the dust and dirt from the carpet.

Bonnet cleaning is preferred in high traffic areas like malls and hotels, where low moisture cleaning is required for the rapid drying of the carpet.

Carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing is a little outdated version of cleaning as it leaves wetness on the carpet, after drying it becomes sticky as the shampoo is not rinsed in this process. Carpet shampooing is being replaced with encapsulation since the 1970s.


Encapsulation is the process of using a synthetic detergent, that after drying out becomes a powder carrying all the dirt off the carpet, the final step in this process is vacuuming the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning

This is a completely new technology and the most preferred one for Carpet Cleaning in Flint MI. This process includes deep inserting cleaning compounds with motorized brush equipment which offers deep cleaning.

Choose the method which fits best for you and discuss the details with your carpet cleaner in Flint MI.

Above mentioned are some points to ponder when inviting carpet cleaners. Some cleaning agents use heavy equipment for cleaning, which may cause harm to your house, children and pets. Prepare your home well before their arrival to attain finest of finest Carpet Cleaning Flint MI.