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9 Effective Study Room Design Ideas That Are Creative And Fun

A dedicated study space/study room is absolutely essential for all academics and professionals at all levels. The study room should allow the concerned individual to focus 100% in their studies. An ideal study room is designed such that there is no interruption in concentration. Here are 9 effective study room design ideas that are creative and fun.

{ 1 } Effective Wall Storage For Study Room

Effective Wall Storage For Study Room
Efficient And Functional Study Room With creative Storage Solutions By Inspired Closets

In this study room, you can utilize all the wall to use the wall storage space. On the black colored countertop, place the laptop for work. To sit at the table, use a black colored, adjustable and rotating, steel framed chair with wheels. Place your Printer on a bottom shelf on the left-hand side. Above this shelf, there is a drawer that can be used for storage. On the right-hand side, there are three drawers one-on-top of the other for storage too. Use the top three cabinets to store tall items. Below these, there are 3 thin shelves and a drawer on either side. The drawers are used for storing while thin trays are used for assorting office papers

{ 2 } Creative And Fun Wall Shelving Units

Creative And Fun Wall Shelving Units
Playful And Vibrant Study Room For Children By SAK Designs | Photo By Sebastian Zacharia

In your child’s study room, you should be creative. Design what is most appealing to your children such that they independently enter their study room. Use an off-white or white colored wall of the study room to paint lines depicting a tree. Draw birds in ones and twos perched on the branches of the tree. Use brightly colored (green, orange, red and yellow) wooden short planks. Fix green plank perpendicular and slanted.  Use four of the same color making them strange shaped and fix to the wall. Children can use these shapes for storing books and other items. Place a study table, two chairs (red and off-white). Place a study board against another wall of the study room. From the ceiling, hang brightly lighted lamps that are orange and black colored.

{ 3 } Wall-Mounted Desks In Study Room Design

Wall-mounted Desks In Study Room Design
Warm, Contemporary, And Efficient Corner Study Room Design By Sawhill Kitchens

Ensure that the study area is well lighted at all hours of the day and night. You should select sitting in front of the window to make the most of the daylight. At night, you can use a reading lamp with a white lampshade. After deciding on your study spot, you need a tabletop and a wooden chair. Here, the entire study room is covered with polished planks of wooden. As a result, there is less noise from the adjacent rooms reaching the study room.

{ 4 } Converting A Corner Nook For Study

Converting A Corner Nook For Study
Small Yet Incredibly Functional Study Room By Orren Pickell Building Group | Photo By Mike Kaskel

If you have a small room with a large sized window that allows light to stream in, convert the corner small room as a nook for study. You use a countertop as the desk for reading and writing. Use a comfortable wooden chair with a cushion to sit on. You can use drawers in the room for storage. In addition, you can use the 2-door cabinet for storage. Adjacent to it, there are open 5-shelves for storing.  This room has a single entrance through a door that can be closed for extra privacy.

{ 5 } Fold-Away Desks For Small Spaces

Fold Away Desks For Small Spaces
Pull-Out Desk For Small Space Study Room Decor In Ealing Common By Powell Picano

In modern offices and homes, often there is a shortage of space. This fold-away desk is ideal for designing and creating for small spaces. You need to use a cabinet that can accommodate several open-shelves. In this case, there are provisions for top 3-open selves and for bottom 2-open shelves. You can utilize these shelves for storage. You want to pull out the fold-away desk with the help of a side handle. When you pull the table out, it should be parallel to the floor of the study room. This tabletop should be strong enough to allow you to read, write and use as a desktop. The side of the desktop should hold its weight while you are engaged in chores. The space under the desktop should be enough for you to comfortably sit in your chair.

{ 6 } Wall-to-wall Cabinetry In Study Room

Wall-to-wall Cabinetry In Study Room
Custom Wall Cabinetry In Study Room | Photo By Jeri Koegel

You want to sit under a good light source and near the window in the study room. Here, in this study room design, you sit right under the light near the window. You place the laptop on the countertop near the window. This study room has been designed to use maximum wall-to-wall cabinetry storage space. On one side of the wall, there are three rows or three vertical sections. There are another three vertical rows of narrow storage spaces on one wall. On the other side of the window, there are three vertical rows of wide storage spaces. In addition to wall-to-wall cabinetry, there are storage spaces in the form of drawers.

{ 7 } Built-in Closet Study Station

Built-in Closet Study Station
Natural Elements In Contemporary Study Room By TransFORM Home | Photo By Sean Litchfield

Design and create a built-in closet made of plywood. Create a 2-doors cabinet on both sides and two lower drawers for storage. In the middle of the closet, design the study area. You can create 3-open spaces shelves of varying width to store various items. Create a desktop for placing a monitor, keyboard. You can create two thin drawers for storage too. Place a steel study chair.

{ 8 } Open Shelving For Effective Storage

Open Shelving For Effective Storage
Organized And Inviting Study Room By Mercer Interior | Photo By Emily Gilbert

If your study room is narrow and long, then you can use wall spaces for storage. Place your laptop or personal computer on the countertop. You can use a comfortable chair to work at the desk. You can convert all spaces in three rows of five vertical rows for storing various items. On the far side, against the opposite wall, you can create rows of vertical wall spaces.

{ 9 } Small Study Room With Window Desk

Small Study Room With Window Desk
Beautiful Views In Dramatic Study Room Design In Turn Of The Century Home By W Design Interiors

This study room design is ideal for nature lovers who enjoy looking out into the garden while studying. The countertop is black with the storage space in contrasting white colored. The desk has a single cabinet space on the left-hand side. Meanwhile, on the other right-hand side, there are three drawers one-on-top of the other for storage. Also, against the main wall, there are several open shelves for storage. There is a single bright light hanging from the specially designed ceiling. You can sit in the white cushioned comfortable chair while studying.