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Stunning Red Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your house, and there’s more to a bath, then we give it credit. It is the room in our house that we take for granted but we shouldn’t. Other than the bedroom, the bathroom is the room where we necessarily begin or end our day. A bathroom sets your tone for your day, and it needs to be beautiful as the average person spends 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom. It is also said that many people got their big ideas in the shower or in the bathtub. You know that Archimedes got his big idea of Archimedes Principle while he was in a tub. So the bathroom is a place where you can relax and refresh. You can have various colors like bright white or bold red bathroom design to enhance your interiors.

The bathroom isn’t just a place to refresh, but it also sets the tone of the rest of your home, and on many occasions, it was seen that people decided their home design according to their bathroom design. The bathrooms need to be designed carefully, and you should take care while choosing each element for it. Whether it is a shower knob or a tile color, everything needs to fall in a perfect place to make your start of the day peaceful. So today we have a collection of red bathroom design ideas for you.

{ 1 } Coral Red Vanity In Coastal Bath

Coral Red Vanity In Coastal Bath
The bathroom vanity is a minimal yet essential part of your bathroom as it decides the look of the place where you would wash your hands. So if you design this in red color, the handwashing experience will ultimately be joyous and mesmerizing to eyes. In coastal baths, it is essential to have the right vanity and the shade of the matters too. So you should go with coral red vanity as when it is combined gradient marble or patterned marble it would give you an immersive look.

{ 2 } White Black and Red Bathroom

White Black and Red Bathroom
White, black and red bathroom design is the combination that gives you chills when looked upon. The wall with the red color, the cabinetry with black color and white-colored tiles and marbles give you an immersive experience every morning. The details get lightened up even more when light falls upon them. You can make the sink from white marble and have black cabinets hold it. The combination is a classic and looks flawless when gazed upon.

{ 3 } Red Accent Wall In Shower

Red Accent Wall In Shower
If you are kind of a person whose favorite moment of the day is when those tiny water droplets fall on you, then you need to have a bright red bathroom design or simple red accent wall. The wall color would go with any color that your other bathroom wares you would have, and it would go best with the white shade. The red accent wall goes well with the silver color of shower knobs, taps, and sprinklers.

{ 4 } High Gloss Red Shower Walls

High Gloss Red Shower Walls
The high gloss red on the shower walls is a shade that gets brighten up when you switch on the lights. The glossy tiles look precious, and they reflect the light quite efficiently. The glossy red color goes well with the black tiles and with the white sink or vanity. You can even get the glossy red tiles to get cleaned easily. The glossy tiles also don’t get messed up quite quickly and hence you don’t need to worry about them getting up rugged, and they would last long.

{ 5 } Bright Red Walls In Bathroom

Bright Red Walls In Bathroom
Red is a color of royalty, and if you want to have high bathroom walls with a touch of royalty in them, then you should go for red bathroom design. The color symbolizes love and invites anyone to it, so whenever you step into your bathroom, you would feel total relief and then have a great day. The bright red walls have an enigma that goes hand in hand with the white color, and it looks smooth when applied to.

{ 6 } Vibrant Red Tiled Shower Stall

Vibrant Red Tiled Shower Stall
If you are thinking of having a shower stall so that you can save up space in your apartment or home, then you need to have the vibrant red tiles on the walls. The vibrant red tiles look astonishing when you want to build a stall as you don’t have much space for your bath. The red tiles complement the silverware on your shower hoses and shower knobs, and they complete your bathroom, even if it is just a small stall.

{ 7 } Fully Tiled Red Bathroom Design

Fully Tiled Red Bathroom Design
It might look somewhat awkward to you when we talk about the fully tiled red bathroom, but nowadays it has become a kind of fashion to get this type of bath in a house. The fully tiled red bathroom design looks best when all your other wares in the bathroom are white and silver. The tiles suit best when they are of patterned design and when they look somewhat rugged. It won’t be wrong to say that this bathroom design is nothing but state of the art.

{ 8 } Lacquered Red Walls In Bathroom

Lacquered Red Walls In Bathroom
A durable shiny finish is in the bucket list of every new home’s bathroom. A lacquered wall is everything that a person can desire when one is building the bathroom. The red-lacquered wall gives a premium look to your walls, and it looks like you have used glass or carbon fiber on your walls, but it is just a wall with an excellent finish. The red color makes the wall come alive, and with white washbasin, the feel is desirable.

{ 9 } Bold Red Patterned Shower Alcove

Bold Red Patterned Shower Alcove
Patterned showers are becoming a new thing these days. People love to look at them while taking a bath, and they look mesmerizing too. Sometimes they even hide the shower knobs in them and give you a premium look. The patterned red wall goes well with any ceiling and floor design, and you can also have a small shelf to help you while having the shower for keeping your grooming materials around.

{ 10 } Red Zellige Tiles Wall Decor

Red Zellige Tiles Wall Decor
If you are a fan of mosaic artwork, then you need to have red zellige tiles wall in your bathroom. The zellige wall would have a fantastic pattern, and it would complement every aspect of your bathroom. It is the trendiest craftsmanship right now, and the whole tile industry is talking about it. The wall has a tremendous splendid look, and it shows some great patterns when looked upon with some concentration.

{ 11 } Eclectic Bathroom with Patterned Tiles

Eclectic Bathroom with Patterned Tiles
You would think it is crazy to use Eclectic Bathroom design, but it is not. The eclectic bathrooms are nothing but a mixture of many forms of architectural design. The patterned red tiles are another ingredient of that mixture. This kind of red bathroom design looks out of the box, and it needs a quite lot of space. So if you are thinking of having this kind of bathroom, you need to pre-plan the architecture, and you need to decide your shade. For many red works as a primary shade.

{ 12 } Coral Tones for Tropical Bathroom

Coral Tones for Tropical Bathroom
If you are a fan of the tropical environment, then the tropical bathrooms are for you. The tropical showers look much attached to nature, and they look best when they get coated with natural colors. One of those colors is the coral red color. The coral red color is close to the oceanic environment, and it looks great to have in a place where the sole purpose is to get cleansed. The bathroom gets better if you attach good lighting to it.

{ 13 } Modern Red White Bathroom Design

Modern Red White Bathroom Design
Have a look at this fantastic red bathroom design which looks more modern than any other bathroom designs ever seen. The curved glass gives you an ample amount of space for getting cleansed, and it makes the bathroom more modular and modern than ever. You can have a look and see how beautiful this curved design is, and it makes the bath a whole new experience.

{ 14 } Beach Style Bathroom Decor

Beach Style Bathroom Decor
Who doesn’t love beaches? They are the first place that comes to our mind when we think of vacation. So why don’t you get a beach style bathroom for your house? The red-colored bathroom style décor is an ideal décor for someone who wants to make their bathroom look funky, and also it helps you get a bath with a relatively traditional style.

{ 15 } Red Floors In White Bathroom

Red Floors In White Bathroom
We have talked about the red wall and white floor, but we haven’t talked about the combination of the red rug and white wall. The combination looks suitable for someone who wants to have a clean white look when gazed around but also want to spice it up a little bit. The red color of the floor doesn’t get dirty quickly, and it looks great even after a long time use. It complements the wares in the bathroom, and the red bathroom design seems subtle and sleek.