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12 Best Neutral Colors For Your Living Room Interiors

Are you planning to bring a change to your home interiors? If yes, then it can be possible without spending much money on renovation. By painting walls, you can easily change the look of your home. These days, most homeowners prefer neutral colors which can make your home look calm and peaceful. Bright colors might look good for a few months but for the long term, you should always opt for subtle colors. Neutral colors are perfect for any living room and can enhance your home in the best manner. Choosing neutral colors for your home isn’t a difficult task and these are loved by everyone. In the case of bright colors, one has to argue with family members because not every person likes to have bright colors in his/her home. So, here are some of the most amazing wall color options for your living room.

{ 1 } Neutral Pewter Grey Color

Neutral Pewter Grey Color
When you can’t decide between black and white and grey should be the right option for you. The neutral pewter grey color for your living room won’t lack the real personality of the living room. If you want to make your room look classy and luxurious, then grey color could be the most amazing choice. It would be best to choose light grey furniture and the addition of white colors in the room will create the perfect look. You can also add yellow-colored accessories in the room to mix retro look. You don’t have to worry about spending lots of money for this look because it won’t need different patterns on the walls but the simple color would be enough to bring out the fantastic look.

{ 2 } Pretty Mauve Tones for Walls

Pretty Mauve Tones for Walls
If you want to choose somewhat different kind of neutral colors for your home walls, then you can opt for mauve tones. This color isn’t found in most of the homes and you can make the right decision to paint the walls of your living room in the mauve shade. You can add the curtains in the same shade to give perfect look. The white ceiling will look stunning with these colors and you can also add a white rug on the floor to complete the look. There is no need to bring lots of accessories and furniture to make this room beautiful but you just need to add light-colored furniture and glass center table with a flower pot on it.

{ 3 } Light Lilac Wall Paint

Light Lilac Wall Paint
Neutral colors aren’t just black, white and beige but there are many more colors that can be painted on the walls of your living room. You can make your living room look vibrant by painting light lilac color on the walls. By choosing this high impact hue, you can make your living room more lively and calm. By adding a wall painting on the wall, you can make the room stunning. Don’t forget to get a lamp that will add up to the shades of neutral colors. Not only lamp but you can also get a little indoor plant which can be placed on the center table of your room to make it look amazing.

{ 4 } Neutral Pale Blue Paint Colors

Pale Blue Paint Color
The people who are in love with skies and ocean will also love to have pale blue paint in their living room. Instead of choosing a common blue color, you should opt for a pale blue color for the walls. Make sure that you keep the theme white and light blue. In this way, you will add light blue furniture, cushions, and curtains in the same shade. You can choose curtains with blue and white designs to bring a different look in the room. Instead of buying a wooden center table, you can opt for the comfy and relaxing cushion table in the center of your room.

{ 5 } Warm Brown For Walls

Warm Brown For Walls
If you want to make your living room look antique with neutral colors, then you can go for warm brown. When you will welcome your guests and friends in the living room, they will be left spellbound after seeing the mystic beauty of your room. Adding wooden tables and chairs will give an antique look to your room. You can also get a rustic side table where you can place your favorite books and other stuff.

{ 6 } Neutral White Wall Colors

Neutral White Wall Color
If you want to get a calm and peaceful look in your living room, then you can paint your room white color. The white furniture with white accessories will make your room look amazing. White rooms are loved by everyone and you just need to work hard by choosing all the accessories of the living room in white shade.

{ 7 } Pale Rose Pink For Walls

Pale Rose Pink For Walls
If you love the pink shades, then you shouldn’t think once before choosing a pale rose pink color for your home walls. You can add the same colored doors and furniture to give the perfect theme look. The addition of white colors in the furniture will look adorable and it can also be ideal for your bedroom.

{ 8 } Bold Red In Neutral Colors

Bold Red In Neutral Tones
If you are a person how loves to see bright colored walls, then you can get the bold red painted in a neutral tone. Yes! It is possible if you choose the right colors and the best interior decorator that can do the task for you. Adding royal furniture with a center table will make your room look like a royal room.

{ 9 } Light Charcoal Grey Color

Light Charcoal Grey Color
If you want to add one of the best neutral colors in your living room, then choosing light charcoal is a good option. By choosing this color, you can make your home amazing. Adding white color furniture with the black rug will be a great idea to make your living room stand out. You can also take inspiration from these living room paint colors that can enhance your interiors.

{ 10 } Pale Ivory Color For Walls

Pale Ivory Color For Walls
When bright colors fade away, the walls can look pathetic. The best thing about the pale color is that you don’t have to worry about fading. These colors maintain the same look for a longer time as compared to the bright wall paints. Paint your living room walls with Pale ivory color and add furniture of the darker color to accentuate the look. The carpet can be added on the floor in the middle of the room to make it look marvelous.

{ 11 } Neutral Beige Wall Colors

Neutral Beige Wall Color
When it comes to choosing neutral colors for your home, then you can’t forget the natural beige. This color would be always in fashion and adored by several homeowners across the world. You can choose this color if you have a wooden floor. Adding little flower pots on the side table will make the walls shine even more. When it comes to curtains, you should choose the folding curtains in dark beige shade.

{ 12 } Dark Grey Wall Paint

Dark Grey Wall Paint
Paint your living room with dark grey shade and make it look smoking hot. You can add the chandelier in the room to make it look classier. Adding mirrors on the walls of the room can be a way to make the room look bigger than before. The wooden patterned floors go well with the dark grey walls. Don’t forget to get a grey carpet which will be like a cherry on the cake.