A chandelier is an essential light fixture that typically hangs from the ceiling. The main purpose of chandeliers is to illuminate sufficient ambient light to all parts of the room. Another reason people use chandeliers is to decorate their rooms in their homes. Popularly people hang modern chandeliers in kitchen, dining area, dining room, living room, bedroom, and patio. Here are 9 simply stunning modern chandelier ideas that would amaze you.

{ 1 } Mid Century Modern Chandelier Design

Mid Century Modern Chandelier Design
You can hang this mid-century modern chandelier from a single hook close to the ceiling. Several same-sized, circular-shaped discs in various colors come together to make this uniquely designed chandelier. The hues of shades include blue, yellow, orange, pink, red, white and more. A couple of these colored discs are attached to a single thin steel rod. Each rod is left hanging at different tiers to create the final chandelier. The light illuminating from this modern chandelier provides a warm ambiance to the dining room. You can place a brown colored wooden dining table. Along with it, you can place six matching wooden chairs with green colored cushions made of leather. On the far end, you can place a modern art as a wall hanging.

{ 2 } Classic Crystal Chandelier Design

Classic Crystal Chandelier Design
You can hang this classic crystal chandelier with extraordinary design from the light grey colored ceiling. Numerous small white crystals form the beautiful design of this chandelier. These are held together by thin crystal rods that are held together at a common point. Finally, the shape of the classic crystal chandelier is that of a sphere. The light emitted from the chandelier is the only main light source of the dining room. You can decorate the dining room using alternating pink and white curtains. Below the classic crystal chandelier, place a white colored board and dark wood dining table. At the table, you can place six wooden chairs with single purple cushion covers. At the two far ends of the dining table, place two identical chairs having purple floral designs.

{ 3 } Eclectic Room Artistic Chandelier

Eclectic Room Artistic Chandelier
You can hang a contrasting white colored modern chandelier from the jet black colored ceiling. This low hanging artistic chandelier looks like an upside-down white flower with many petals. A common point holds together all the petals of the chandelier. You can hang this white floral artistic chandelier from the ceiling of the dining room. Below the chandelier, you can place a dark wooden dining table. Around this table, you can place modern chairs with transparent back-rest. On the table top, you can place two yellow candle-stands and blue plate. On the black wall, you can hang two white anklets.

{ 4 } Multiple Lights Simple Chandelier

Multiple Lights Simple Chandelier
You can hang two identical chandeliers from the white ceiling of your informal dining room. Each of these chandeliers has tiers of metal frames made of steel or cast-iron forming a circular shape. At the end of each of these thin metal rods, there is a single small light. These lights along with the metal frames form the spherical shape. Both the multiple lights simple chandeliers provide adequate soft ambient light to your dining room. Below these chandeliers, you can place a white colored table along with steel framed black colored chairs.

{ 5 } Flowers Design Stylish Chandelier

Flowers Design Stylish Chandelier
You can hang this chandelier with floral design from the light grey colored ceiling of the dining area. The final shape of this modern chandelier is global and its color is the same as Salmon pink. The most significant feature of this chandelier is the numerous small flowers. Below this chandelier, you can place a small white table. At the table, you can place a white chair and a light green sofa.

{ 6 } Simple Bedroom Rustic Chandelier

Simple Bedroom Rustic Chandelier
You can hang a simple rustic chandelier from the white ceiling of your bedroom. This rustic modern chandelier is made of many tiered several curved thin cast-iron rods. These are held at the same common point from where they hang. Each of the rods holds one or more small light bulbs or LEDs. You can place a double bed against one of the walls below the chandelier. You can cover the bed with white bed-sheets and dark brown colored duvet. Place white and brown colored covered pillows and cushions. On either side of the bed, place two bedside tables with two reading lamp with white lampshades. Place a brown colored long stool at the foot of the bed.

{ 7 } Eclectic Decor Classic Chandelier

Eclectic Decor Classic Chandelier
You can hang a classic chandelier from the white ceiling of your kitchen cum dining room. This chandelier is made of curved rod iron frames in many layers. At every level, there are several small bulbs or LEDs providing soft ambient light. Below the chandelier, place the dark-colored kitchen cum dining bar along with white chairs.

{ 8 } Modern Style Hanging Lights

Modern Style Hanging Lights
Beautiful Hanging Chandelier With Lighting Batons Design By Veronica Martin Design Studio
You can hang this modern style hanging lights from the ceiling of the dining room. These are made of 2 chained cast iron rods holding a single solid thin iron rod. There are 4 suspended rods are of varying sizes at different levels. Each of these rods holds two light bulbs on the two far ends. It is difficult to determine the ultimate shape of the chandelier. However, these rods point in all criss-cross direction. Below, you can place a round dining table along with four dark-colored cushioned chairs.

{ 9 } Charming Decor Classic Chandelier

Charming Decor Classic Chandelier
You can hang this charming decor classic chandelier from the white colored ceiling of the bedroom. Curved black colored rod-iron layered in several tiers gives this modern chandelier a unique design. On the top three layers, there are three rows of nine or more small lights. These illuminate the warm ambiance light in your bedroom. You can place your whiteboard of the double bed against one of the walls. Cover the bed with dark brown sheets and light brown duvet. Place two brightly red colored pillows and a small cushion. On the bedside table, you can place a vase of red roses. On one side of the room, you can place a white colored desk along with a chair.