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Melbourne’s Best Locations for Display Homes

Today, Melbourne continues to interest property seekers across Australia and around the world. This exciting city now supports an estimated population of five million residents. Extending across three counties (Bourke, Mornington, and Grant) and encompassing some 31 municipalities, Melbourne in far south-eastern Australia offers some exceptional display homes!

This brief article provides an overview of five of the most exciting enclaves in this magnificent urban area. People searching for comfortable residential properties won’t want to miss looking into some of these great display home locations soon. Competition for these properties remains intense, so prospective buyers should consider taking prompt action to secure a solid value:


Families seeking a green, friendly location will appreciate Doreen! Surrounded by forests and open spaces, and blessed with abundant gumtrees, this lovely community includes an expanding residential development at Katandra Rise (located within walking distance of the Laurimar Town Centre). With convenient proximity to transport, a leading selection of schools and learning centres, the location is a harmonious blend of urban connection and countryside escape. Doreen stands some 30kms away from the busy downtown commercial heart of Melbourne. It offers an oasis of spacious parks and affordably priced residential neighbourhoods. People living and working in this community enjoy bird and wildlife watching. Pristine waterways create a sense of calm that flows across the precinct and it’s many lakeside picnic grounds, boardwalks and trails. Relish the beauty of the natural world (and amazing bird and animal life) from the comfort of your backyard when you move to this popular enclave!

2.Ringwood East

Ringwood East
This charming neighbourhood lies between Ringwood and Croydon South, within the Maroondah city limits. Residents here enjoy close proximity to both a well-maintained train station and a hospital. Melbourne’s busy downtown sits just 25kms from this location. The community furnishes residents with close proximity to some local wildlife preserves, such as Wombalona Park. A number of highly respected colleges and secondary public and private schools serve students residing in Ringwood East.

Recently, housing prices here have escalated sharply due to high demand. However, home seekers can sometimes still discover attractive properties still available by visiting the display homes here!


Have you longed for a waterfront vista? Situated largely on an island just a short drive from the coast, this beautiful development nestles between Braeside and Aspendale. Many residential properties here border lakes and parks; a robust development plan has severely limited the availability of multifamily units, but this marketplace includes quite a few luxury homes on spacious lots. While prices may strike some property seekers as steep, others will appreciate the peacefulness of this distinctive Melbourne community and the availability of large, rambling houses.


Located close to Melbourne’s busy center, this urban neighbourhood offers ready access to tram lines. Community planners have established medium density population parameters, so this location remains much quieter than many comparable developed areas near Melbourne’s business district. Situated between Maidstone and Moonee Ponds, the neighbourhood includes some welcome green spaces (supplied by several local parks).

Popular retail outlets in this location facilitate convenient shopping and dining. Careful home seekers locate solid values in townhouses and apartments here. One feature of particular interest to people relocating to this locale: residents possess great Internet access!


Encompassing a pretty beachfront haven just north of Chelsea, Edithvale offers property seekers ready access via Wells Road. This friendly neighbourhood offers magnificent
ocean vistas, many recreational opportunities, and a quiet, peaceful quality of life.

The community lies some 40 minutes from Melbourne’s downtown by rail, so the location might not appeal to frequent commuters. However, the residents have recently obtained approval for some public improvements (including beautification funding!). Several home builders offer new construction on lots in this community, including Orbit Homes and Carlisle Homes.