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Top 10 Most Interesting Wall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

Interior wall decor for bedroom is done after drying of the final coat of paint or adding furniture. Planning ahead of time is a good idea. Select a wall-hanging or some appropriate art-work to decorate your bedroom. Select three major colors and three shades of colors from the artwork. Match these colors for painting as a theme for your bedroom walls. Decoration of the bedroom walls should be attractive and pleasing to the eyes of all visitors.

Select the most suitable size while displaying any artwork. This should not be too small and get lost within the surroundings. At the same time, the artwork should not be too large spilling over the available space. Measure the dimensions of the artwork to ensure it best fits in the given space. Additionally, texture and depth of artwork are equally important. These can be created using 2-dimensions, 3-dimensions such as sculptors or shadow boxes and collage work. Here are the top 10 most interesting wall decor ideas for your bedroom.

{ 1 } Art Gallery For Wall Decor

Art Gallery For Wall Decor
The best thing to do is to paint the walls in the bedroom white color. This white background is ideal for creating a decorative art gallery. You can add five or more different pictures in wooden frames. The different pictures can be of colorful landscape scenarios. Also, you can include one black-and-white inked floral picture. Place the framed pictures in different rows and columns for designing the gallery. Below this wall decor, place the cream-colored head-rest of the bed. Cover this with cream duvet and place some pillows covered with cream pillowcases. Adjacent to the bed, place a well-polished dark wooden side-board with one drawer. On that, place a brass-colored table-lamp, cactus and a vase of flowers.

{ 2 } Wall Mural For Accent Wall

Wall Mural For Accent Wall
The mural can be used for an accent wall in one of the walls of your bedroom. You can decorate the same using floral motifs and designs. The design of the mural should be created against a cream-colored background. On facing the decoration, you would observe that there are several motifs of leaves and flowers. The details of the mural have been described as follows. You would find several bunches of flowers and leaves against a white background facing the decoration. On the left side, there are red and yellow-colored flowers along with bluish-green leaves. There is a bunch of red-colored flowers and green leaves on the far right-hand side. In between these bunches, there is a bunch of small pink flowers and bluish green colored leaves.

Above these, on the right-hand side, there is a bunch of green leaves. Amidst them, there are yellow flowers that continue to red flowers. Branching out to the left, there is a single white flower with leaves. Place a mirror next to the wall with the decoration. Place a large-sized mirror with a cane frame on another wall. The reflection of the mural on this mirror adds depth to your bedroom. In front of the mural wall decoration, place a chocolate brown chair. Place your bed a little further away on a maroon and cream designed carpet.

{ 3 } Display Fabric Or Wall Tapestry

Display Fabric Or Wall Tapestry
Paint all the walls of your bedroom in cream color. This makes your fabric or wall tapestry to standout. Use the widest wall to create and design the bright copper-colored fabric or wall tapestry. You can use several pieces of rectangular shaped fabric. Those should be stitched together to form one single fabric to form a tapestry. In front of the tapestry, you can place your bed. Cover the bed with cream-colored bed sheets that match the wall colors. Place numerous pillows and cushions of various shapes. Cover those with cream-colored cases. For one of the cushions, use cover matching the color of the fabric or wall tapestry. This would break the monotony of the scene.

{ 4 } Ornate Mirrors On The Wall

Ornate Mirrors On The Wall
On one of the light greyish colored walls of your bedroom, place some mirrors. These include circular mirrors that are individually framed using silk material. Arrange the mirrors in neat diagonal rows of 2-3. Under those, place the rectangular, greyish colored head-set of the bed beneath it. Cover the bed with white-colored duvet and white bed-sheets. Place several pillows covered with white cases. On either side of the bed, place two white lamps on top of two white side-tables.

{ 5 } Use Paper Tape For Wall Decor

Use Paper Tape For Wall Decor
On one of the white walls of the room decorated with black colored paper tape. Create the design of a castle with one tower sticking out in the sky. The brick wall can also be shown prominently. Against the decoration, place brown colored headset of the pink bed covered with pink bed sheets. Place 2-4 matching pink pillows and one long black-and-white pillow. Use the same tape to decorate the vase on the two-tiered table next to the bed.

{ 6 } Bold Graffiti For Accent Wall

Bold Graffiti For Accent Wall
On one of the widest walls of your bedroom, create bold graffiti for the accent wall. On facing the graffiti, you will find a happy tiger with a smiling face. The colors of the graffiti include royal blue, deep crimson red, yellow and green. Under this artwork, place the head-set of the bed.

{ 7 } Reclaimed Wood For Full Wall Headboard

Reclaimed Wood For Full Headboard
On one of the greyish walls of your bedroom, add planks of reclaimed wood for a full headboard. You can place the contrasting white-colored head-set of the white bed in front. Place a matching carpet with a golden diamond design. Above, from the wall of the ceiling, hang a matching lamp.

{ 8 } Wall Baskets For A Boho Look

Wall Baskets For A Boho Look
On one of the wide and white walls, place several wall baskets for a Boho look. In the shown collection, some baskets are brown to dark brown. A few baskets have two colors – base color and highlight. Against the wall with decoration, place two beds covered with white sheets and grey colored cover. Place square cushions and white pillow. Between the two beds, place a table with many drawers.

{ 9 } Decorate With Hammered Tin Tiles

Decorate With Hammered Tin Tiles
On one of the widest walls of your bedroom, place several tin tiles decorated with a hammer. In front of the wall decoration, place a bed with a high head-set. Cover the bed with white-colored bed sheets, and white duvet. Place several pillows covered in white pillowcases. You can also place pillowcases with golden designs. You can place cushions on the window sill. On either side, arrange for several white-colored rows for storage.

{ 10 } Use Shingles For Wall Decor

Use Shingles For Wall Decor
Using shingles as on interior walls is one of the most creative ideas for room wall design used lately. On one of the red-colored walls of your bedroom, you can place two shingles as interior decor. Adjacent to these shingles, use the fixture with a lamp. Place the white-colored iron-rod bed. Cover the bed with black printed on white background bed sheets. Cover the bed with a black colored duvet. At the foot of the bed, place a wooden ladder to reach the floor above. Next to the bed, on the adjacent wall, display a square-shaped two-dimensional cloth. Adjacent to the bed, place a cylindrical wooden table. On this, place a glass bottle with a Sunflower and a small alarm clock.