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Home Décor Ideas with Your Oak Furniture

Wood from Oak has become famous because of its unique strength and impressive grains. In the past, it was even used for building ships. Today, it is mainly used to make equally strong products like barrels and flooring. However, the most outstanding use is creating top-notch furniture. This post brings you top strategies that you can use to give your oak furniture a rustic-feel that you cannot get anywhere else.

Treat the Wood Furniture with Clear Varnish

Oakwood is naturally warm or golden brown. This is the impressive colour or complexion that no one wants to miss in his/her home. To retain the impressive colour and rustic feel, you should treat the wooden furniture with a clear varnish that creates a warm and cosy effect in your living space.
To emphasize on the golden colour, you could also use light yellow or beige wall-papers. This will help you to match with the oak furniture for cosy effects. Remember to only use the wall-papers on one section of the wall to avoid making it too gaudy.

Use Painting of Rural Life for Bedroom Wooden Furniture

Many bedroom pieces of wooden furniture are designed using oak because of its impressive strength and beauty. One way of sprucing the furniture to get its rustic feel is painting with images of rural life, meadows, trees, and even oceans. Make sure to position paintings at a point that they can be easily noticed when relaxing or reading in the bedroom.

Interior designers also encourage people to consider shabby chic art. In this case, the artwork helps to throw a vintage appearance that emphasize a cottage-like ambiance. This feel will be more emphatic if you have a house with matching wooden ceiling and flooring.

Match the Wooden Furniture with Vintage Fabrics

For people who like to throw a country-themed outlook, a vintage fabric will help to make the furniture and entire room more impressive. Consider using fabrics with animal, fruity, floral or leafy prints. However, you could also consider earthly oak furniture for a warm appearance.

A fabric that is not too showy such as plaids and dots is also very effective in giving the room a serene outlook. The curtains for the room with your reclaimed wood furniture could also feature a beautiful floral pattern. However, you can also go for plain linen but match the fabric with collared or woven rugs.

Match the Wood Furniture with Rattan Chairs

If you have a lovely oak-wooden table in the patio or hallway, it is important to buy rattan chairs and matching accessories for pairing. In such a case, you should consider toile fabric for the cushion covers. In many cases, toile fabrics have country themed patterns which will match well with the oak furniture in the yard.

You should also invest in elegant flower vases and position them on the side of the patio. Though you can use silk flowers for the same effect, live plants will be more impressive. When this setting is accentuated with oak-trimmed lighting, your living space will become more attractive.

The Final Take

When you decide to acquire some pieces of wood furniture, the aim should be creating a paradise right at home. The impressive golden colour of the furniture will transform your room into a paradise when you spruce it well using the above ideas.

One thing that you should always remember is that though Oakwood is strong, the furniture developed using it should be properly maintained. Therefore, you should carefully inspect the joints, repair damages on time, and protect it from direct radiation. With Oak Furniture, you can never go wrong!