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Get Quality Lamps From Frandsen

The Danish lamp designer Benny Frandsen is known for designing quality and timeless lamps under the brand Frandsen, which you can find at

You may know the Ball, the Klassik or even the Splitit. What they have in common is, that they are all lamps, that are part of the designer collection by the Danish designer brand “Frandsen”. Benny Frandsen, engineer and the founder, originally started the company back in 1968 in his own home. Here he created the most popular model in the collection, the Ball.

With the Ball, the success came quickly and soon he had moved the production out of his home, and into a factory, where he developed his collection and made it bigger. Frandsen is always focusing on the designs and the products that come out of the factory is aesthetic and functionally and have what it takes to bring new light into any room, cause every Frandsen lamp has something unique to offer.

The collection

Most of Frandsens products are bestsellers and famously known worldwide. The models include table, mounted and standing lamps, that are available in many different colors. The Ball is probably the most known model and it comes as both a pendant, a mounted lamp and as a track pendant. Maybe you know it as a single ball in a simple edition, but at it is also possible to get the lamp in a more unique edition, for example as a fairytale chandelier style version.

One of the newest designs is the pendant, Kyoto, with hand-blown glass shade. The lamp is a perfect match for heavy and dark furniture, with a touch of modern times. The name Kyoto comes from the old Japanese imperial capital, and it represents the clean and lovely designs, that the nation is so well-known for.
The screen has a microscopically thin layer of metal that was applied during the electrogalvanising process. The metal coat creates a semi-transparent interior that reflects the light and catches the eye, and then creates a dimming effect.

There are so many different lamps to choose between in the wide collection of Frandsen, that it is possible not to find a lamp that fits perfect into your home.