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13 Beneficial Edible Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

Flowers not only beautify your home but they can also bring an aesthetic taste in your meal that gives you lots of benefits. By having edible plants in your garden, you can easily give an exotic touch to your meal and able to make your ordinary dish look very pretty and delicious. But whenever you are thinking to grow edible flowers in your garden, you need to make sure that all plants are not edible and some of them can be poisonous also. So, you have to make proper research before using them in your meal.

If you want to eat only organic flowers and want to avoid the chemical then it is beneficial for you to grow them in your garden and enjoy having them anytime whenever you want. It is also important for you to wash them before use so that you can avoid all dust on them. Here is a list of 13 best edible flowers that you can grow in your garden.

{ 1 } Multipurpose Edible Lavender Flower

Multipurpose Edible Lavender Flowers
Lavender has a sweet and amazing fragrance that makes it a common edible flower to be used in the cooking. This plant is as easy to grow indoors as it is to buy from the markets. In fact, there are many amazing benefits of growing lavender indoors. Lavender can have lots of purposes as you can add it to your salad, or also add these flowers to your cake. You can also use them in most of the dishes to make them pretty and delicious as well. In addition to this, you can also use lavender to make your lavender sugar to use then in the baked goods and beverages in an effective manner.

{ 2 } Sweet and Fragrant Rose Petals

Sweet And Fragrant Rose Petals
Not all kinds of roses are edible but most of them are used for cooking and food decoration. You can also use the rose petals in various creative ways like to garnish smoothies, ice cream, and dessert. You can also sprinkle some rose petals on the salad to make it look amazing. The sweet and attractive fragrance of the rose petal can make your dish look more delicious. You can also freeze the rose petals in the ice cubes to use them in the beverage or also able to use them for attractive cake decorations.

{ 3 } Calendula Blooms with Medicinal Benefits

Calendula Blooms With Medicinal Benefits
Calendulas are one of the most versatile and easiest growing plants that you can easily grow in your garden. The flowers of this plant are used since the ancient days as a medicinal herb. They are also used as the dye for food, fabric, and cosmetics. Their flavor ranges from tangy to peppery and spicy to bitter. It can give a new taste to your meal. You can also sprinkle the petals on the rice dishes, soup and salad or also use them as a replacement of the saffron.

{ 4 } Organic Pansy Flowers for Garnish

Organic Pansy Flowers For Garnish
Pansies are also one of the most popular edible flowers. The pansies grow best in the cool weather and they have a minty and mild flavor. They are generally used for garnishing and for decorating the desserts and cakes. In addition to this, you can also use them to garnish your salads, drinks, and soups effectively.

{ 5 } Popular Edible Nasturtium Blooms

Popular Edible Nasturtium Blooms
Nasturtium is an easy to grow plant and its flowers come in different colors like red, cream, yellow and orange. All parts of this plant are edible such as flowers, leaves, blooms and seed pods and you can add them in your salad for a nice presentation. The nasturtium blooms are very popular as you can add them to any food to enhance their look as well as taste.

{ 6 } Pretty Borage Flowers with Droopy Buds

Pretty Borage Flowers With Droopy Buds
If you want to grow edible flowers in your garden then borage can be the best choice for you. You can easily use them to decorate your birthday cake or add it to dishes to get a blue color. It is a beautiful flower and there are lots of ways to add it to your dishes and salads.

{ 7 } Edible Rosemary Flowers

Edible Rosemary Flowers
These beautiful and bright flowers do not make your hanging basket charming but you can also use them to garnish your recipes. Their unique flavor gives a different and delicious taste to your meal. You can add them to your salad or also use it to garnish several dishes. You can also add it to your cakes and decorate the beverages and baked goods.

{ 8 } Delicious And Edible Daylily Buds

Delicious And Edible Daylily Buds
The daylily is one delicious edible flower that you can easily grow in your garden to enjoy it is benefits. The daylily can easily spread everywhere you can use the buds to garnish or decorate your food. Not only does it give a nice look to your salad and recipes, but it also improves the taste of your dishes.

{ 9 } Health Benefits of Chamomile Blooms

Health Benefits of Chamomile Blooms
Chamomile is an annual with small and white aromatic flowers and feathery leaves. Both the flowers and leaves of this plant are edible. Chamomile has a nice and sweet taste. You can consider it as a good option to decorate cakes, pudding, and biscuits. It is also used to give a nice and sweet taste to the tea. There are lots of health benefits of using chamomile in your meal and you can enhance the look and beauty of your meal as well.

{ 10 } Intense Flavors of Hibiscus Flowers

Intense Flavors of Hibiscus Flowers
Hibiscus has several health benefits as it is an edible flower. You can easily grow this plant in your garden if you want to enjoy its health benefits. The hibiscus blooms have an intense flavor and give a different taste and fragrance to your food. You can use them in making tea to give your tea a different taste. In addition to this, you can also use it in jam and salad to get a delicious taste.

{ 11 } Wholesome Johnny Jump-ups

Wholesome Johnny Jump-ups
You can easily beautify your garden with the Johnny flowers and also able to use them in your food to get a new texture and flavor. The bright purple and yellow color of the flower enhances the beauty of your salad or you can also use them into your drink to enjoy an intense flavor.

{ 12 } Many Uses of Edible Chives

Many Uses of Edible Chives
Chives are not for decoration of your garden because you can use these flowers in many ways to enhance the look and taste of your food. You can use this flower to decorate your salad and dishes or sprinkle the petals on the cake to make it look beautiful and delicious as well.

{ 13 } Squash Blossoms As Edible Flowers

Squash Blossoms As Edible Flowers
The squash blossoms can be eaten raw as the garnish. You can also chop them to add in your salad. You can easily grow squash in your garden. Stuff the squash blossoms with the herbed cheese and then bake them until the petals become crispy and delicious. Alternatively, there are many other recipes for squash blossoms that you can try.