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14 Best Innovative Coffee Table Design Ideas For Living Room

There are some primary areas in your home which have extraordinary importance in adding beauty and feel to your home. One of these fundamental areas includes the living room of your home. Your living room is one of the most used rooms in your home where you spend time with your family and entertain guests. It must appear classy, interesting, warm, and spacious. Your living room plays a very important role in drawing any visitor’s interest. So, for a living room, a well-chosen coffee table further enhances the style and beauty of the decor. A coffee table is generally placed in the front of (or after) a sofa or upholstered chairs to keep magazines, books, beverages, decorative objects, and different small gadgets that we normally use. Here are some innovative ideas for coffee table design that you can implement to make your living room look more elegant and interesting.

{ 1 } Coffee Table With Pet Bed

Coffee Table With Pet Bed

This coffee-brown colored coffee table with a pet bed below the desk adds a classy yet simplistic look to your living room. Looks cool when it is rested on a light-colored carpet in-front of a recliner or sofa that adds a proper contrast with the living room. A pet-friendly coffee table is good for keeping magazines, books, newspaper, a mug as well as the flower vase on it.

{ 2 } Contemporary Style Coffee Table

Contemporary Style Coffee Table

A rectangular yet light-colored classy designed coffee table adds a modish look to your living room. It’s a perfect choice for the simplistic design that adds a charm to your living room. It is also good to keep showpieces, glass bowls, candle stands and flower vase on it. Spacious in design and also it adds imagery to the simply designed living room.

{ 3 } Industrial Coffee Table Design

Industrial Coffee Table Design

The industrial style evokes the practical appearance and feel of a foundry unit, utilizing metal as well as wood in more difficult-hewn, robust production. These can pair nicely with loft-style living rooms, or stand in ideal contrast to softer surroundings.

{ 4 } Concrete Slab Table Top Design

Concrete Slab Table Top Design

Concrete slab gives a feel related to the formwork and constructive design which utilizes the cement as well as the rod bars. It looks good with the concrete floor in a living room indoor as well as on-site at outdoors.

{ 5 } Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Designed with a recovered wooden finish design which gives a fascinating look in the living room which is lavishly designed and a furry yet rough and tough carpet on it. It seems elegant and at an ease in construction which is user-friendly to the people. Perfect for breakfast as well as the supper when with family or with the guests at home.

{ 6 } Coffee Table With Fireplace

Coffee Table With Fireplace

A low-leveled yet lavishly and glassy marble designed table with a fireplace surrounded by thermodynamically fire-proof glass matches perfectly with the luxurious living room and also rested on a comfy carpet. It gives a dynamic feel as if you went out on a cozy, sweet place and enjoying the vibes.  A glass of wine or champagne along with a hot fire adds a nice yet kindled charm to such tables.

{ 7 } Aquarium In Coffee Table

Aquarium In Coffee Table

An aquarium in a coffee table is indeed a novel idea that can turn a simple living room into a fun place. You can enjoy a casual and pleasant chat with your friends while looking at the fishes swimming gracefully. And when you’re entertaining guests, this table can create visual interest and become a good conversation starter. The fluid motion of water and swimming fishes can eliminate strain and undue stress from your day by day life.

{ 8 } Rustic Coffee Table Design

Rustic Coffee Table Design

A rustic coffee table has a completely simple layout not very centric on smooth and skinny strains or properly-defined paperwork. It is a splendid epitome that displays this idea: a table with a simple squared top and four solid and robust wooden legs.

{ 9 } Adjustable Height Coffee Table

Adjustable Height Coffee Table

With the multipurpose use in everyday life, the adjustable height coffee table is designed mechanically such that it gets converted into a breakfast table or the table for lunch as well as dinner. Also, for work purpose, it can be converted to a laptop table by adjusting its height as well as diagonal length and width. The mechanism is user-friendly and easy to control.

{ 10 } Lift Top Coffee Table

Lift Top Coffee Table

Featuring a distinctive innovative design, lift top coffee table at a first glance gives a good impression to the viewers. This table becomes useful for arranging the books, diaries and other page shelves below the tabular region. Also, you can use the lifted top for arranging photo frames, flower vase, etc. It can also act as a convertible set for lunch as well as dinner.

{ 11 } Gem Cut Coffee Table

Gem Cut Coffee Table

The construction of this gem cut coffee table is like a faceted diamond with a textured metallic aluminum finish.  It brings a glamorous look in the design. This design is suitable for rich homes, hotels as well as office lobbies. It creates a creative aura for visitors as well as viewers.

{ 12 } Mid-century Modern Design Table

Mid-century Modern Design Table

One of the most iconic table designs, which is trending in today’s world of design is a mid-century modern style table. This multi-purpose table consists of a closed drawer and an open shelf. You can use the shelf as a bookshelf and the drawer for storing the everyday objects. The flat tabular surface is useful for keeping flower vase, having a coffee or enjoying a good book or newspapers on a comfy couch.

{ 13 } Wire Frame Coffee Table Design

Wire Frame Coffee Table Design

A wireframe coffee table design is constructed by transforming the steel wires to circular frames by welding the curved steel wires. A wireframe table has an iconic appearance which resembles like a 3-D model. It is useful for domestic purposes such as writing, reading, etc. It also has a top opening to store books and other items.

{ 14 } Nested Coffee Table Set

Nested Coffee Table Set

These innovative nested tables have legs made of square steel framework and a wooden slab on top. It consists of a different level arrangement according to the size, requirement, and use for the work. It can be useful for arranging breakfast, arranging the fruit bowl and decorative showpieces.

{ 15 } Round Coffee Table Rustic Design

Round Coffee Table Rustic Design


Various sizes and designs of the coffee table are available to select from. Also, you may want to make the right choice in line with the area and look of your living room. Selecting a coffee table is one vital choice that can make or break the appearance of your living room. You can find a perfect coffee table design to give your living room an exquisite look.