The living room is one of the most visited places in a house, and it is a room where every guest of you will enter once they enter the house. You know that the first impression is the best impression and everyone wants to get the best idea of their guests or bosses that arrive at your home for special occasions like house warming, festivals and even for special dinners. The living room is a place where most people want to hang out, and it is a place in your house where you entertain all your guests. The living room makes up an essential part of your home, and you need to design it precisely and with a whole lot of concentration. Whether you go for a colorful eclectic décor or a neutral brown living room design, decorating a living room requires a lot of planning.

You need to plan everything from scratch, and this doesn’t only include the color of pillows, couch or the lighting. You need to plan the dimensions, walls, wallpapers, floor, and ceiling. The texture needs to be chosen while keeping the wall size and ceiling color in mind. All this is not easy as it requires a lot of planning and a lot of thinking. So to help you with that, here we have prepared the collection of some living room design in brown tones that you would like.

{ 1 } Farmhouse Style Brown Living Room Design

Farmhouse Style Brown Living Room Design
If you are thinking of having a house or an apartment with farmhouse design, then you should have a look that at this design. The design looks classy and royale, and it complements every aspect of your house. The woodwork goes with any kind of furniture, and you can keep your sofas and couch of cream color which will suit your style. The carpet goes well when it is of a lighter shade.

{ 2 } Cream and Brown Living Room

Cream and Brown Living Room
If you have a brown accent wall or fireplace that has been painted light brown or made of wood, then you need to make up the whole surrounding creamier. The cream color goes well in hand with a brown color, and it looks great when viewed from any angle. You can make your floor of wood and then get the furniture and couch of cream color, this combination seems utterly delicious when you gaze upon it.

{ 3 } Wood Tones In Rustic Decor

Wood Tones In Rustic Decor
If you have a rustic décor in your living room and you want to make it look even more traditional, then you have to get the woodwork in your living room. The woodwork looks royale, and it looks lovely when you have a chimney in your house. The rustic décor reflects the natural beauty, and when this décor combines with woodwork, nature comes alive in your home.

{ 4 } Traditional Living Room In Brown Tones

Traditional Living Room In Brown Tones
If you are a person who likes to live in a traditional home and wants to greet the guests in a traditional style, then nothing beats the conventional living room style in a brown tone. The brown tone goes hand in hand with the cream and white shades, and you can get the couch and other furniture of any of these shades. You can also get a chandelier if you want and since the living room is traditional, the lighting will highlight the brown shade in your living room.

{ 5 } Contemporary Brown Living Room Design

Contemporary Brown Living Room Design
If you are the kind of person who loves to show how modern you are and you want to modernize and revolutionize the guest’s experience when they visit then-contemporary brown living room will suit you. This kind of design would reflect your true self, and it goes well with the brown shade. It looks beautiful when you combine it with the grey sofas and also with the fireplace. You can also use glass windows in the room so that natural light can enter quickly and blend in with the woodwork.

{ 6 } Sleek Design and Earthy Colors

Sleek Design and Earthy Colors
Earthy colors are best to choose if you want to have a living area that can soothe your eyes. Earthy brown tones look well when you combine it with the dark brown color and if you use sleek design in your house. The fireplace looks good with this design, and you can combine it with the blue and haze shade of your windows in the room. When the light falls over your earthy colors, the place looks bloomed.

{ 7 } Shades of Brown In Living Room

Shades of Brown In Living Room
If you have a room in the hills or a place surrounded by forest, then you need to have the shades of brown in your living room. You can use a different tone for each belonging in the room, and by default, they would blend in with each other. The shadows would complement your surroundings, and they would look cool and soft when lights fall over them. You and your guests will simply love the essence that these shades purport.

{ 8 } Warm Brown Living Room Decor

Warm Brown Living Room Decor
Warm Brown shade always gives you a homely feeling, and your guests can quickly get along with this beautiful soothing theme. The Warm Brown color goes with any kind of décor and looks royale when combined with the chandelier. You can also get the yellow lighting which will match your brown shade in the living room and highlight it when lights fall over it. If you get the wooden floor embedded with this the feeling of liveliness goes to another level.

{ 9 } Brick Walls In Industrial Living Room

Brick Walls In Industrial Living Room
Believe it or not, brick walls are still in fashion. The bricks when painted brown, look auspicious and they give you a kind of ruggedness in your house. You get to see the real flavors of a tradition and authentic home when you live in it. You can also combine, the wood tone finish with the wood tone floor, and they both match with each other. The yellow lighting highlights every feature of your brick wall home.

{ 10 } Rustic Brown Living Room Design

Rustic Brown Living Room Design
Rustic rooms are never out of fashion, and they look authentic and mesmerizing when gazed upon. You can have a look at any of the houses with this kind of furnishings and furniture, and you would feel like you are in heaven. The rustic brown goes every variety of shade of your furniture and the color sparkles when light falls upon it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it looks mystic at night.

{ 11 } Patterned Ceiling In Brown Living Room

Patterned Ceiling In Brown Living Room
You cannot design a good living room without planning a perfect ceiling. If you want to attract the attention of your guests as soon as they enter your house, you need to have an ideal ceiling. You cannot neglect the fact that they will look up and notice the ceiling of the room once they enter. The patterned ceiling in the brown and white shade is perfect for impressing them, and the roof produces the soothing eye effect when looked upon. The roof leaves a good impression on your mind when you see it and introduces a kind of variation in your home.

{ 12 } Cozy Living Room With Brown Accents

Cozy Living Room With Brown Accents
Accents are something that makes a living room look different from other places. You cannot expect a living room to look authentic and beautiful if you don’t have brown accents in your room. The brown accents go with most of the colors that you apply in your living room, and they look lovely and authentic when you have creamy and white walls. The brown accents don’t get stained quickly, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them at regular intervals.

{ 13 } Warm Coastal Living Room Decor

Warm Coastal Living Room Decor
If you like to have a coastal surrounding around you, then the warm coastal living room décor is the most suitable room décor for you. The mild coastal looks good when combined with the brown shade, and it looks perfect when you get brown or cream-colored accents. The ceiling looks good when there is the chandelier hanging from it, and the fireplace becomes a compulsion when you use this design for your living room.

{ 14 } Dark Brown Shades in Living Room

Dark Brown Shades in Living Room
The dark brown shade reflects the dark side of you in the living room. It reflects the royalty of your house, and you get to see another front of your home. The dark brown shade also indicates that you like your traditions, and you like to have a traditional room for yourself. You can see how good the light falls upon dark brown furniture, and it reflects every aspect of beautiful accents.

{ 15 } Mediterranean Brown Living Room Design

Mediterranean Brown Living Room Design
If you like to live in the room which has a design that shows how much you are connected to your roots, then this is the kind of design you have been looking for. The Mediterranean Brown living room looks great when you have a table at the center made of wood, and the floor also has a wood tone. You can also use the chandelier with it, and it need not be significant.