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The Best Hydroponic Plants To Grow In Your Indoor Garden

Should you get hydroponic plants at your home? This is a question asked by many buyers and if you are looking forward to starting your gardening in indoor areas, then hydroponic plants are the best option for you. There are various reasons due to which people prefer to have hydroponic plants in their garden and one of the reasons is that these plants don’t need soil to grow. You can also save space by having these small plants in the corners of your room. These plants can control the temperature of a room and that’s why farmers also use these plants to better effect in the greenhouse room.

You don’t need to water these plants every day as you can grow these in water. Just grow the beautiful hydroponic plants in glass jars or bottles and then there won’t even an issue of water leakage from it. You can prepare your garden with the use of the following plants:

{ 1 } Jade As Hydroponic Plants

Jade As Hydroponic Plants
If you want to get plants with large and thick leaves, then jade can be a good option. This plant can be grown inside your drawing-room. These plants would catch the eye of guests because of the beautiful look. These plants are strong and you can also opt for using these as hanging plants. By having a jar hanged on the ceiling, you can insert these plants inside the jar. Instead of having artificial plants at your home, you should decide to get attractive natural plants.

{ 2 } Spider Plants For Indoor Garden

Spider Plants For Indoor Garden
Get these attractive spider plants for your indoor garden. These hydroponic plants would only use 10% of water as compared to the normal outdoor plants. The spider plants have an attractive look with absolutely slim and long leaves. The leaves of this plant have white edges which makes it look more beautiful. You can also trim it down as per your choice from time to time. Moreover, spider plants are one of the top house plants that also clean and purify the air. If you want to encourage indoor gardening, you can also gift this plant to your loved family member or friend.

{ 3 } Bare Rooted Anthurium Plants

Bare Rooted Anthurium Plants
It might be possible that you haven’t seen these plants in every indoor garden. These plants are quite rare but look stunning. You can get these plants in both red and white-colored flowers. There are large leaves of these plants that bring a superficial look. The flowers of the plant aren’t like normal flowers but leaves are changed to red or white color. These bare-rooted plants can be perfect to bring colors in the indoor garden as most of the other indoor plants don’t have colors in them.

{ 4 } Mint For Indoor Hydroponic Plants

Mint For Indoor Herbs
Do you love to have mint drinks? If yes, then you should consume it naturally. Grow mint herbs in your room only and it would look really cute. The best thing about growing mint herb is you can also have it in your food and drinks. Not only it will freshen the room with its fresh fragrance but it will allow you to feel cool all the time because of its similar nature. This plant can be grown in a little jar or bottle which will make your room look stunning. Placing it on your study or working table can be a good option.

{ 5 } Wandering Jew For House Décor

Wandering Jew For House Decor
If you want to get a plant for your home décor, then buying a wandering jew can be the perfect option for you. This plant has grey leaves on the upwards and purple downwards. You are going to love the look of this plant as it is asymmetrical. It would grow into any direction and symbolizes its free nature. Instead of buying all green plants, you can play with colors while choosing plants for your indoor garden. As the name of this plant suggests, it is a wandering Jew only which can leave its spectator awestruck in the first view.

{ 6 } Geraniums As Hydroponic Plants

Geraniums As Hydroponic Plants
Did you know that geraniums can also be grown as hydroponic plants? If not, then you can now grow these plants at your home. These white flowers with a peck of pinkish color in it would give a radiant look. Anyone who loves white color and flowers should pick up this geranium plant for their room. Nothing can be better than having a flowery plant in your room. Instead of buying artificial plants, you should opt for the natural flowering plants. This hydroponic plant won’t need any soil as you can grow it in water directly without any issues. Make sure that you change the water of the plant from time to time to avoid decay.

{ 7 } Indoor Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

Indoor Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants
Grow these attractive indoor fiddle leaf fig plants at your home in either china pot or a glass bottle. The plant would look gorgeous in any of your rooms. You can have these hydroponic plants near your window. Make sure that direct sunlight doesn’t fall on these plants as it can damage them severely. You don’t need to worry about any kind of maintenance while keeping these plants at your home. You just need to change water from the plants regularly.

{ 8 } Grow Rosemary Indoors

Grow Rosemary Indoors
Many people don’t know that rosemary can also be grown inside your home. This rosemary plant is quite simple in its look which makes it decent enough to be planted in office or study rooms. This plant won’t catch the eye of someone easily but it will bring radiance in your room all together. Many people prefer to get artificial plants these days but you can get the natural ones because the latter also don’t ask for a lot of maintenance from you.

{ 9 } Peace Lily Flowering Plants

Peace Lily Flowering Plants
What can be better than having a flowering plant inside your home? Did you know that beautiful white peace lilies can be grown inside your room? Now, you must have got the information and you can purchase this plant from your nearby nursery. These days, it has also become easy to purchase plants from trusted online sites. The people who are looking forward to getting healthy and beautiful plants at their home should consider it as a good choice.

{ 10 } Grow Arrowhead Vine Indoors

Grow Arrowhead Vine Indoors
Get a raw look into your room by growing this arrowhead vine plant. You can take any kind of pot to grow this plant and it will look stunning. The best thing about indoor plants is that you don’t need to waste a lot of time in maintenance. You won’t even need to learn gardening to take care of these plants because changing pot water isn’t a big deal for any of the humans.

{ 11 } Lavender As Hydroponic Plants

Lavender As Hydroponic Plants
You must have come across the fact that air fresheners are too bad for your home and that’s why you should buy good quality of lavender plants that can freshen up your room. Instead of using artificial products, you should lean towards the natural ones. This lavender plant will always keep your home fresh and cool. Whenever someone will enter your home, no one can ignore to notice the fragrance spread by this plant in the air.