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6 Unique Ways to Style LED Strip Lights

Did you ever look at your room and think it needs an extra touch? 

Maybe you went and bought some LED strip lights for that extra touch. But how do you style them? What else can you use them for?

Read on to find 5 unique ways to style them!

What Are LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are a circuit board with light-emitting diodes (LED). They make for a great, inexpensive way to add accent light to a room or brighten up a darker area.

A lot of times, they are put up just for the aesthetic and look that it gives the environment. 

There are several ways and places you can use them. It’s important to figure out what will be the best place for you to put them.

Lighting up Your Living Areas

Many people when they think of LED strip lights think of bedrooms or outdoors. LED strip lights, however, make for great accent lights in living areas.

Living Room

Brightening up your living room could be the touch you’ve always needed. You can place warm LED strip lights under your couches. This creates a warm, aesthetic, calming environment. 

This will be perfect for when you want to shut all your main lights off for a movie but still need just a slight touch. 

Or maybe you want your main living room lights off and only want strip lights. If you have bright fluorescent lighting in your home, the LED strip lights will be much more calming.


There are even more living areas that you can put your lights on. Your kitchen and your bathroom are also perfect spots. 

LED strip lights combine perfectly with kitchen cabinets. Just apply them under the cabinet and you can add that calming light to your kitchen as well as your living room. 

If you have counters in your kitchen, this is another good place to style the lights and add a unique aesthetic. They don’t need to be flashy or distracting. They can be warm and subtle, or whatever you want, to make your home perfect. 

If your living room and kitchen are close together, it’s a good idea to get LED lights that match colors. This is so you can keep a pattern and design going throughout all your living areas. 


Lastly, bathrooms are another living area to style your LED strip lights. Whether it’s the ceiling, bathtub, cabinets, sink, or mirrors, your home guest will walk into a stunning bathroom. 

Guests can come into your home and feel relaxed and at ease with LED strip lights. The calming atmosphere will make your home the go-to place to be. 

Lighting up Your Backyard

LED strip lights are a great choice for outdoor lighting. Outdoor LED strip lights are great because you can turn them on at night and have enough light for a get-together. Or, even if you just want to relax by yourself. 

Great places to put them are under the stairs on your patio. This will make your stairs safer to step down in the dark. Besides safety, they will also look cool to other people if they see your patio in the dark. 

You can also add the lights to your patio table and canopy for extra lighting. Having LED lights adds an exciting and fashionable touch to your outdoor patio. 

Outside of your patio, pools are a great place to apply your lights. It makes for a fun and exciting lighting for night pool parties.

Even more exciting for parties, you can get LED strip lights that sync to whatever voice console you have. When you play music, the LED strip lights change in sync with the music. This creates the perfect atmosphere for pool parties, dance parties, or small get-togethers.

Lighting up Your Car

You can find LED lights that match the lighting of your car’s console. Or, you can find LED strip lights with a remote that switch colors to match whatever mood you are in.

Putting these lights under your dash is a popular and easy place to put them. It lights up the floor and makes it easier for you to see your gas and pedal. 

Furthermore, you can also light up your cupholders for an extra touch and under your seats too. 

When you drive at night, it creates a stunning effect for passengers to see when they come into the car. 

You want to be careful though that your lights are not too bright or too flashy. You don’t want to be distracted from driving. 

Lighting up Your Office Space

Does your office space look boring and plain? LED strip lights are the solution!

You brighten your office space by applying your LED lights to your desk, your keyboard, and your computer. 

You can shut the main light off and do your work in a dimmer and calmer environment.

There’s no need for an office space to be boring just because it’s for work. You can spice it up with different LED lighting to make it the perfect spot for you to have fun and do work at the same time. Who would have thought that working could be so enjoyable?

Lighting up Your Bedroom

This is the more common way that people use LED strip lights, but you can make it unique!

LED strip lights are a great addition to your ceiling, but your creativity doesn’t need to stop there. 

Rather than only putting the lights on your ceiling, you can add them to your dressers, your bed, your couch, or even a vanity mirror. 

Because bedroom LED strip lights can be applied in most places, you can experiment with them in your personal bedroom. 

For a teenager, this could make your room look cooler and more fashionable.

For an adult or a couple, this could give your room a warmer and relaxing look for you to simmer down after a busy day.

What Next?

Do you now have just the perfect idea for your LED strip lights?

You can use these LED strip lights right now and make your home better! You don’t need to keep using those fluorescent lights. You can add an extra touch and have fun with it too as you put them on!

Light Your Life up Now

So, why wait any longer? Go get your LED strip lights and start styling them the way you want to!