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6 Luxury City View Apartments in Atlanta

Atlanta is a wonderful place. It is very welcoming for people from all fields and tastes. It offers all types of necessary services with beautiful nature. People who live here are enjoying the perfect urban life and modern trends. Atlanta has some excellent housing services. You can choose from many types of apartments if you want to live in this place. There are all kinds of apartments here, such as furnished apartments, city view apartments, simple apartments, etc. City view apartments are a good way to gaze your eyes upon the beauty of the city. 

They are built with a mixture of artistic beauty and traditional architecture. It is highly advised to check the city view apartments in Atlanta before you choose your home in this city. To make your work easier, this article includes 6 of the best city view apartments in Atlanta.

The Residences at Buckhead

It is a beautiful place with its greenery and resort-themed environment. The area is famous for the fact that you can find many necessities pretty quickly. The shopping malls that are really near to the apartment offers almost everything. Chastain Memorial Park is only 3 miles away from the apartment, where you can have a walk every day to stay fit. Meanwhile, the cabanas nearby are great for relaxing during a hot day. Speaking of hot days, there are well-designed pools in the area which are especially great for the summer holidays. It will be a sin to forget about mentioning that the concierge who works here has been awarded the “A-list Award three” times!


Post Alexander

The mid-rise apartment called Post Alexander is situated in a quieter and much-relaxed area of Atlanta. The place is great for having some comfortable time merged with some wonderful views of downtown. The apartment is situated close to Ga400 and Marta. Great for having some relaxed walk in the morning. There are resort-style pools to have some refreshing times on those hot days in Atlanta. The rooftop terrace offers a mind-blowing view. The courtyard is perfect for nature lovers with its trees and grasses. Oh, and there is also a state-of-the-art fitness center that is open 24 hours and is suitable for all types of workout routines.

Skyhouse Buckhead

Skyhouse Buckhead is surely going to win the mind of people who loves a good interior design along with an amazing view of the whole downtown, Atlanta. There are departmental stores nearby. On the roof of this high-rise, there are two pools perfect for relaxing. For the interior parts, there are floor-to-ceiling windows and a state-of-art cardio instrument and yoga room.


Ascent Midtown

Are you into foods or exercises? Well, Ascent Midtown has it all with its good dining and well-designed fitness center. The pool is very luxurious. There is a nearby museum that is good for studious people. The place is good with its all technologies. There are keyless Bluetooth doors and programmable thermostats that are good examples of that. There are also spectacular views of the city.

Post Midtown

With amazing local dining and some first-class clothing stores, Post Midtown is a place that shows the true features of urban life. The apartment has rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a gorgeous view of the city and proper maintenance and care. It is only 100 steps away from Marta.

Icon Midtown

Icon Midtown has many good stores and dining options. It is situated in the vibrant Midtown neighborhood. Speaking of dining, you can find the largest Whole Foods in the southeast nearby. Have a relaxing swim in the pool. Also, in the billiard room, you can have some quick games with your friends.

These luxury apartments resemble the number of wealthy people living in Atlanta. With the right budget, you can stay in one of these wealthy areas, too!