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5 Signs Your Home Has a Foundation Problem

A foundation problem is one of the most expensive repairs homeowners can face. However, putting off foundation repairs can cause even more damage and even result in the house being unsafe to live in.

That’s why you must spot the early signs of foundation problems and take the next steps to correct the issue. Find everything you should look for in this guide.

1. Cracks on the Walls

A key sign of a house foundation problem is diagonal cracks along your interior walls. You may notice these cracks coming from doors or near your window frames.

Never ignore signs of cracking or crumbling. You may also notice warping or shifting in the walls.

Weather and water damage can cause issues with your walls. Signs of water damage, such as mold or mildew, can also indicate bigger problems. If you notice staining or water damage, call an expert to take a look.

2. Foundation Cracks

Another critical sign of foundation problems is cracks in the foundation itself. This is one of the more obvious signs and definitely one you cannot ignore.

Aside from cracks in the foundation, you may also notice signs of buckling, crumbling, or moisture damage. Don’t forget to inspect both the outside and inside of your home. You may notice more signs of a problem in the basement.

3. Sagging Floors

A sagging floor is a big warning sign that you’re looking at foundation issues. It’s also not a sign you should ignore, as this could lead to future problems.

Uneven floors and sagging floor joists can be due to a wet crawl space. Other problems with a wet crawl space include mold and bacteria growth and future pest problems.

You can usually see or feel uneven floors in the home. If you’re not sure, check the floor joists. You can also place a ball on the floor to see if it moves, as this can prove sloping or uneven flooring.

4. Doors Not Fitting

Does it always seem like the doors in the house stick? Do they never close or latch right? This isn’t always an installation problem.

Doors and windows should fit neatly in their frame. Often, doors that look crooked, stick, or otherwise don’t seem to stay closed can indicate foundation issues. It might appear as if your doors aren’t meeting in the middle or that there’s a gap that makes it look like the door has been incorrectly installed.

5. Cabinets or Counters Moving From the Wall

Another sign of a foundation problem is cracking along the countertops in the kitchen. Cabinets or counters might appear as if they’re leaning forward or moving away from the wall. You may also spot backsplash separation.

Check along the kitchen and bathroom tiles for cracks and gaps. The reason for these gaps is due to the walls or floor moving and causing separation. The bigger the gap, the bigger the problem, so don’t wait to call for an inspection.

Fixing a Foundation Problem

If you notice any of the above signs of a foundation problem, don’t wait! The longer you put off the repairs, the more issues that can arise, and the more expensive the repairs get. Contact an expert immediately to come and look at your home.

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