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4 Signs of a Termite Infested House

Did you know that every year, property owners collectively spend over two billion dollars treating termite infestations? Termites can cause significant structural damage and must be dealt with immediately. Protect your home and family by looking out for termites before they strike.

There are some key markers of termite activity, so be on the alert. Termites can nest and expand their numbers quickly. If you suspect you might have these pests, check out these 4 signs of a termite infested house below.

1. Damaged Wood

One of the most obvious signs in your home is the presence of termite-infested wood. Termites chew through wood in order to get to cellulose and leave tell-tale tunnels in the wood. Try knocking on the wood–if it makes a hollow, empty sound, termites may have left grooves there.

2. Evidence of Swarms

Have you noticed little wings around the house, especially near windows and doors? Termites discard them when they swarm in the spring, and it’s another indication of a termite problem that requires treatment. You may even see the insects flying around, or find droppings.

3. Noises in a Termite Infested House

Termites do make different sounds–so if you’ve heard some strange noises coming from inside your walls, that could be another sign of a termite infestation. When disturbed, they will actually bang their heads against the walls and communicate with each other through vibrations that sound like a dry rattle. As they are tunneling through the wood in your house, it will seem like more of a dry, rustling sound.

4. Mud Tubes

There’s a certain kind of subterranean termite that needs moisture to thrive, so they create a network of tubes out of the soil to travel in. You can find these mud tunnels around the foundation of your home, or on other hard indoor surfaces. If you’ve spotted these little highways, it’s probably time to call a pest control professional and get rid of termites.


Prevention is the first step in winning the battle against termites. They need moisture to thrive, so fix any leaks in your roof or air conditioner immediately. Keep your gutters and any other areas where water can collect clean.

Block any potential access points by caulking any crevices or cracks, especially near windows and doors. Because termites are drawn to wood as a food source, don’t leave any kind of wood, like firewood, stacked near your house. Most importantly, have regular inspections done by a professional company so that you catch termites before major damage is done to your home.

Ready to Get Rid of Termites?

If you’ve found damaged wood, wings, and droppings in your home, you might have termites. Now that you know the warning signs of a termite infested house, get professional help today! A reputable company can eradicate them and prevent future infestations.

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