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12 Amazing Ways To Decorate a Staircase

Most people forgot about the staircase, which is also part of the house. However, there are many fun ways you can spruce up your staircase. Paint, stencils, fabric, and wallpaper can be used to design the stairs themselves.

Don’t let your staircase design become an afterthought while renovating your home. These genius ideas are simple, stunning, and will make your stairs shine. Plus, many of them are incredibly affordable!

Single color scheme with paint

single color staircase

If you want to match the staircase to the color scheme of your house, then you can paint it with a single shade. You have to choose the color wisely according to your furniture, carpeting, or other aspects of your house.

Wallpaper with family photos

wallpaper with family photos

Wallpaper on the staircase wall is a great idea. As you can see we have used tree wallpaper and hang the family photos on the branches. You can also use any other wallpaper, but you have to choose wisely because you have to hang the photos also. In addition, you can use the space under the stairs to hang family photos.

The Gradient look

gradient stairs

This is another idea in the spirit of painting the stairs. Use one color that you like the most, and paint the stairs in different shades of the color, starting from the darkest to the lightest tone.

Rainbow Style

rainbow stairs

If you have white furniture or white paint on the staircase wall, then it will be a fantastic idea to paint your staircase in rainbow style. In addition, if you have a banister, you can also paint it in rainbow style or else do it white.

Washi Tape Style

washi tape style

Washi tape is a temporary idea. You can use it if you don’t want to paint the staircase. You can decorate it however you like. These decorations are just one idea. Just let your mind wander.

Contemporary Style

comconteporary style

For making your staircase contemporary, firstly you should decorate your home in contemporary style. And personally, I love contemporary look. It’s comfy, calming, and relaxing and you can gaze at the pictures for hours.

Piano Stairs

piano stairs

This style is minimalism and simple. Those people who love minimalism they can go ahead for this style. It’s looking black and white but it’s not. While on the stairs, you will feel like you are playing the piano.

Mirror Walls

mirror walls

This style is directly taken from the contemporary style. Just look at the decorations and the white wall is also in line with the contemporary style. It looks great.

Book Shelf

book shelf

If your house is small and you have too much book and no space to keep them. Then you can use the staircase wall. It will be great and something new.

Black Staircase

black staircase

This style includes a black staircase with wooden steps. Here, the background is white and as you see, black stairs against the white background is a bold statement. Though, this is looking very sexy.

Pinky Staircase

pinlk stairs

If the background is neutral and boring then you should try vibrant colors like pink. Pink is always correlated with femininity; that is why this staircase looks cute and girly. You can lead this staircase to the children’s room.

White and Black Staircase

black and white stairs

As you can see here, a lot of white background, but it is accompanied nicely with other colors. When you don’t have colors to choose then the combination of black and white shades is always nice.

Patterned Style

patterned staircase

The white background can always work with any color scheme. The combination of blue and brown is very unique and stylish. You can add unique patterns, such as this one which uses vertical line patterns though, this makes more interesting and beautiful.