Some Inspiration Ways To Decorate Side Tables

When it comes to side tables, it can be tricky to decorate the furniture. This post is about, that how can you decorate the side tables. There are many ways to decorate a side table attractively! Though, you will able to further enhance your home decor.

Classic Look

classic look

For creating a classic and attractive look, you can use a simple vase and put it on the table. A vase can always look cool on the table. You can easily buy it near to your stores or online. Just pick a simple vase not too expensive or decorative.

Artsy Aesthetic

artsy liik

Pick 3 different shapes of the bottle. Try to choose different colors of bottles. Though, glass bottles give you the artsy feel. For an extra touch, you can fill it with sand or flowers.

Bold Touch


If you are planning, that your dining hall looks more beautiful, then you can add a side table with a lamp. Place it in the middle of the table. It will be catchy and decorative, your hall will be more beautiful.

Intellectual look


This table is small, you can also call it a coffee table. Try to pick the most simple designs book. Simply designed books make the best choices. Try to pick books of different sizes and thickness. If you want to make your decorating a bit more personal, try to pick books that focus on the subject matter you enjoy, such as photos of kittens or gorgeous cityscapes.

Elegant Look


Instead of using decorative jars, use plain jars. If you want, fill your jar with glass beads or your favorite type of candy. You can also leave it empty or fill the sand only.

Natural Look


Houseplants are classic for home and if they are kept at corners, they will be more beautiful. Keep the plant in the center of the table. Instead of using simple and plane pots, you can also use decorative ones. In addition, if you don’t want to care for live plants then you can also decorate it with fake plants.

Romantic Decor

romantic decor

Adding flowers to your side is a great idea. You can either use real or fake flowers, it’s all your choice. Alternatively, use dried flowers. You can also keep the flowers in a vase or bundle them and lay them across the table.

Multipurpose Decor

cented candels

I’ll recommend, that you add scented candles to the side tables. Scented candles give you the double advantage as pleasant to smell as they are to look at. If you don’t like scented candles, then you can also use simple candles.