Prestigious Textiles and Fabrics

When it comes to adding a touch of prestige and class to your home, it’s all about having the right materials. Of course, the way in which they are put together counts for a lot too, but even the finest craftsmanship can be mired by substandard materials. Whether you’re looking for a perfect piece of statement furniture, the ideal curtains to adorn your windows, the perfect floor covering or even just the right throws, pillows and cushions the eye knows great quality when it sees it. Good quality fabrics and textiles can make a good interior design concept great, while cheap poorer quality materials can make even the most carefully planned aesthetic fall flat. Read More

Installation Tips for a Composite Deck

So you have researched all of the benefits of composite decking, decided that you don’t want to worry about water damage and the regular maintenance required with timber. The vast array of colours has been assessed and you have unloaded all the materials which are now sitting tidily on the corner of your drive, awaiting the magical transformation into a perfectly level solid deck. So where do you start with putting the whole thing together? Read More

Benefits of Having Artificial Turf In Your Backyards

Artificial grass has a lot of benefits especially if you and your children like playing sports. It has more benefits than just providing a level playing field, such as saving water, not spending money on fertilizers and saving all kinds of other resources that are required in lawn maintenance. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your back or front yard losing its appeal or beauty, and it will stay the same throughout the year. We will go into more details with the advantages that come with landscaping turf. Read More