5 Warning Signs That You Need a Garage Door Repair

One-quarter of American homeowners with garages have so much stuff stored in them that they can’t park a single vehicle inside. Whether they use their garages for vehicles or generic storage, however, every homeowner needs a reliable garage door opener.

Doors that don’t work are both a hassle and a safety hazard. But how do you know when your garage door opener is dying? Here are five key warning signs that you should seek out a garage door repair service sooner rather than later.

1. Weird Noises

When your car starts making strange noises you know it’s time to head to the mechanic. Your garage door opener is no different. Even if the noises don’t sound bad, per se, any unusual or new sounds coming from the door itself or the opener when you open or close the door is a cue to schedule an inspection by a qualified garage door opener repair technician.

2. Sluggishness

Even brand new, garage door openers never haul a door open very fast. This is important to protect user safety, but when you hit the button and your door opens at a crawl, it’s a good indication that something isn’t right.

Searching for “garage door repair near me” and making an appointment to get it looked at right away can keep repair costs low and prevent larger problems from developing.

3. Unreliability

Any time you hit the button to open or close your garage and it doesn’t do what it should, it’s time to summon a garage door repair company. Even if the problem is intermittent and doesn’t seem serious, it’s a hint that something is slowly going bad. Taking prompt action can keep your repair bills low and prevent bigger issues.

4. Sagging

To function properly, garage doors need to be balanced. Anytime they become imbalanced, they risk jamming, burning out the opener, and other damage.

Fortunately, sagging can often result from simple problems such as worn-out tension springs. When addressed quickly, these can be quick and inexpensive to fix. Never attempt to perform such maintenance yourself, however, as it can be dangerous and is best left to professionals.

5. Track Problems

As garages, doors, and opener systems age, they can suffer an array of track problems including:

  •     Tracks that shift out of place
  •     Doors that come off their tracks
  •     Doors that jam or fall because they do not stay mounted correctly

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your garage door tracks, contact a professional for an assessment.

Don’t Delay Garage Door Repair

If your garage door demonstrates any of the problems above or those referenced in this article, don’t wait. Contact a garage door repair service right away. Delaying service can:

  •     Leave you vulnerable to a complete door breakdown at the worst time
  •     Result in higher repair costs
  •     Leave you facing a full garage door replacement instead of just minor repairs

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Knowing when to act on garage door repair is only one key skill homeowners need to take good care of their properties. Learn more about maintaining your home by browsing the other great articles on our blog today.